Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anchors Aweigh - My Recent Old Navy Haul

It's no secret that I have an affinity for all things nautical (It reminds me of Downtown Annapolis - swoon), and while trendy now, done in the right way, anchors are timeless. I mean, I have a small navy blue anchor tattooed on my ribcage, a sparkly gold one incorporated into the design of this blog, several anchored accessories in my treasure trove of jewelry and a few items now in my closet, courtesy of my recent Old Navy haul (THANK YOU to my employer for my one-time bonus this month)

I'm a recovering shop-a-holic/I buy my feelings, and haven't been clothes shopping in a while..wanting to save money/current lousy body image is definitely a factor in this *cue mild depression *Commence the begging of more hours in my day/motivation to work-out/eat right to please engulf every fiber of my being

I ran into Old Navy to see about a cheap shirt as part of my costume for my recent community theater production. Of course, I stroll in there and see a zillion things that I'm like, "Oh, you would look lovely in my closet." Then I see a whole section dedicated to the Nautical realm and I'm like "Ahoy! I've found some new outfit pieces." Then I look at my bestie, Kiki La Rue (or if we were Roller Derby Girls, Kiki La RUDE) and I'm like, "I've got to check the funds." Needless to say, the funds weren't there - it was after Christmas, and I only get paid once a month - all my bills had been paid, and I was conveniently, but routinely, at the pretty much broke phase before getting paid again. I tried the clothes on, took a mental note of sizes and was like, I'll look into these online.

Fast forward... funds now weighing heavily, for the briefest of moments in time, in my account and I'm like, Old Navy wants me to drop anchor on their site, which I did, and thankfully, the items I fell in love with at the store were available and I'm like, "Oh, Welcome Aboard my Shopping Cart." Interestingly enough, the items were cheaper online and then, on top of that, I got to use a 20% off my entire transaction deal (Promo Code: TAKE20, good until 1/29 - Can't be used with Super Cash)

So, here's what I scored:

This one comes in red too... I'm not going to lie.. I also got that one...

Anchors Aweigh - can't wait to rock my Sperry's with one of these looks.

Go Navy. Beat Army.

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