Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finding Inspiration from Your Favorite Author

Growing up my favorite author was Roald Dahl, the mastermind behind some incredible books (if you haven't read them, you may have seen their cinematic counterparts) like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and The Giant Peach, The Witches and Matilda.

He's written countless short stories and books, some hilariously charming while others are innovatively witty, albeit a little off-putting like his Revolting Rhymes. His version of Cinderella has Prince Charming chopping off the ugly step-sister's heads. I love introducing the latter to my students (I teach freshmen and sophomore English). They get a kick out of him too!

His books are magical and his invented words are thrilling to say. I spent many hours lost amidst the pages of his books, entranced with his stories and the characters he created. So much, in fact, that many of them are in terrible shape with pages falling out and torn/bent covers. I hope to eventually replace them and have his entire collection of stories in my personal library. I'd also like to have a few of his quotes hanging on the wall of my home, one day. Here are a few of my favorites:

How has your favorite author inspired you? Do you have some quotes you'd like to hang on your wall?

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