Saturday, January 18, 2014

Welcome Aboard!

You don't get a do-over with your first post, unless you cheat of course and go back and edit. I'm new at this, but Hi, I'm Rachael. Welcome aboard the voyage, as I navigate the calm and stormy seas of this life.

Before we get all hot and heavy, I've got to talk about how amazing Brianna is of . The Mistress of Sparkle definitely knows what she's doing and if you're interested in joining the Blogosphere, or want to give your blog an affordable facelift, SHE needs to be your new obsession. Truly. She's Brilliant and also a blogger. Trust me when I say, you want to #GetSparkled

I should probably explain the whole meaning behind the crazy acronym of a Title, LUMUHAND. I didn't just come up with it, in fact, my family and I have been using it for practically decades at this point. It's pronounced loo-muh-hand (all fast-like), and stands for Love You. Miss You. Have a Nice Day.

Long story short, I grew up on the East Coast as a military brat (GO Navy. Beat Army!) living far away from my favorite KY grandparents. We would talk weekly and at the end of every phone call, we would close with the wordier version of LUMUHAND. My uber-witty Grandad, notorious for making up words, replaced the closing of our convos with the acronym, and so a family tradition was born. He passed away from Pancreatic cancer in 2009, and since then, LUMUHAND has played an even more special role in our family, and for me personally. I have it tattooed on my wrist in his handwriting and it's on my car with a personalized license plate (LMUHND), and now with this blog. In his own words, missing him "is like a scratch in your heart that you can't quite get to too scratch."

I can't promise that all of my posts will be of high interest or be amazeballs or even be particularly helpful. And although I am a high school English teacher, my grammar at times sucks and I can't guarantee that posts will be void of error, in either judgment (i.e. dating fails, poor style choices), my attempts at a host of hobbies/trying new things (Pinterest Fails)  or grammar/mechanics/usage/spelling wise. People make mistakes and I'm only human.

I've been a blog reader for years and I'm both excited and nervous about becoming a blogger (Hello, courage and vulnerability).

I hope you'll drop your anchor and stay awhile, after all, we're both navigating a life of calm and stormy seas. 

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  1. New follower!!! I found you through Brianna! Love what she did with your page!! I love the story behind the title of your blog. I lost my Grandpa, my world, back in August and I understand how certain things like this take on a deeper meaning. I also love that you're a Navy brat! I'm nit a Navy brat but hopefully one day will be raising my own ;) Originally from St. Louis but my husband is in the Navy and we're currently in Jacksonville, FL!!

    1. Aw, Melanie thank you for the sweet comment about the story of my blog! It hasn't been long since your own loss, so please know I'll be thinking of you.

      I hope one day you raise your own Navy brat, too - It was so much fun being a military brat and Kudos to you for being a military wife - I saw first hand, and you all have to wear a lot of hats!

      Thank you for being my first official follower, as I embark on this endeavor. I plan on venturing over to your blog some more.. the pilot wife in your About Me, with your blog title makes me think the Mr. is a helicopter pilot! My bro is a Marine Corps one, so I can get behind that!

      Enjoy the Florida weather! ~ Rachael

    2. Yep, yep!!! He flies the MH-60R. And my brother-in-law flies Apaches for the Army :) We have lots of Marine Corps pilot friends as well

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    1. Thanks, Kira! Appreciate your sweet comment! Thanks for following!