Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Operation Break Bad Habits: Mission Report #2

You might recall reading this post... about me being a Good Girl with A LOT of habits

And if you're keeping track of my progress, here's my first recap. 

It's been a few weeks, so it's about that time for another recap of my progress, or definitely lack there of. 

Here's the abridged version of the habits that I'd like to break in 2014, along with my current progress. 

1. Stop Biting Nails : I'm disgusting.... really.. this problem has increased.. I have been 50 shades of stressed and it's literally like I dipped my fingertips in a bowl of piranhas. I tend to do better when they are painted and manicured.. but a manicure is not part of my house closing costs. 

2. Stop Procrastinating (as much - I'm going to be realistic on this one.) : Yeah...on the domestic home front, I'm still an example of procrastination at its finest. My laundry pile is probably the height of an abnormally tall 3-year-old.

3. It's okay to say "No." I've actually been doing surprisingly well at this... but sadly, more so on the stuff I need to be doing. Like, I need to do XYZ, but then internally, I'm like, "No, maybe later." #TheStruggleIsReal

4. Unhealthy Eating Habits: I'm just going to ignore this...

5. Drink More Water: I wish I could say I've been good about drinking water, but I haven't been - which partnered with my stress levels and less-than-ideal diet, I'm having an embarrassingly horrible Rosacea flare up. I effin' hate having Rosacea. Go the hell away. 

6. Work Out Regularly: uughh... can I just delete this one? It is staring me in the face. I need more time in my day and yes, I echo what you're thinking..less excuses too. 

7. Keep Up With Laundry: A miracle actually occurred... and I did in fact, do several loads of laundry - a load of towels, a load of sheets, a load of undergarments and work pants... Now is the same amount still piled up that needs to be addressed....yes...

8. Work Through Hang-Ups, Mental Baggage & Trust Issues: I'll have to ask the Boo about this one.. has any progress been made?

9. Track Finances and Budget: I've been tracking it alright.. tracking it quickly leaving...

To sum up my progress, there's no pretty much to it, I have been an epic failure these past few weeks, however, I'm encouraged with the fact that cheerleading is potentially ending tonight (if we lose, season is officially over. If we win, we go another 2 weeks), which means my available time will significantly increase. But then my Rank 1 program (it's a 2nd masters program for teachers) will start back up...and oh, it's just a never-ending cycle..

I still continue to hope those of you working towards progress are finding some - I will live vicariously through you. 

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  1. Just hang in there, it will eventually are work out .....LUMUHAND

  2. Miss Rachael, celebrate your small wins too! You're an amazing friend, a motivating teacher and soon-to-be homeowner. I love you!