Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Mother Nature, I hate you right now.

Mother Nature and I are not friends right now.

I pulled this photo off a Google Search for: Winter Storm Paducah. This isn't actually my street, nor am I the photographer, but it is downtown Paducah a few streets from my humble abode. 

While Mother Nature and I are Besties when the weather is beautiful and the skies are blue, when she decides to unleash her icy wrath on my zipcode, I start to get a little irritable, 50 shades of it actually. The roads are covered with 0.5 to 0.8 inches of ice across the county, then covered by a layer of frozen sleet, then covered by inches of icy snow... 

Today, marks Day 1 of I'm not sure how many this time that I'll be out of school and since school has already been cancelled tomorrow, that'll be Day 2.  If you're a first time reader, I'm a high school English teacher. And Disclaimer: My grammar is likely atrocious in my posts, because I'm not in the classroom, so don't be a Grammar Ninja and leave hateful comments about typos or my incorrect uses of the comma.  

Random snow days here and there are alright, but missing chunks of days at a time is not fun. Why? have to make those days up... when it's beautiful outside...and the skies are blue...and the few fluffy clouds in the sky look like unicorns and puppies. Also, at the end of the school year the students get to jet out a few days earlier, but the staff are required to work a few days past the last day of school students... "I teach for the money," says no teacher ever. But definite perks, are paid summers off. 

Last time I was kidnapped by my own home, courtesy of mother nature's icy wrath, I was basically an unproductive sloth. Even Kristen Bell wouldn't have found me adorable. This time around, although I am a grumpalump at the thought of making up these days, I am determined to be more productive.

What use to be a pile of laundry the height of a tall, 3 year-old is now separated in piles... I've also successfully washed three loads... and folded them.. I have mopped my kitchen floor (Disclaimer: this is only because Pippa refuses to go to the bathroom when there is snow/ice on the ground... it's so annoying. I basically want to drop her off at the local Chinese restaurant when she acts like a diva...) I've also finished quite a bit of freelancing work and I'm about to finish this blog post....

I would say progress.. and it's only Day 1.  

And Mother Nature... I don't know what your deal is, but when it comes to this wintry weather you've been throwing at us, you need to pull up your big girl panties or let your balls drop and get past this, to move on into Spring. Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather, this icy cold bullshiz is not welcomed.
   photo lumusignature_zpsea7e72f2.png


  1. I totally get those piles washed and folded, do some lesson plans, and clean another room...... You go!!!!! Love you