Friday, March 21, 2014

Maximize Your Life - Recap of Jillian Michaels

So, last week I went with Christin, one of my BFFs, to see Jillian Michaels on her Maximize Your Life tour, at the Orpheum (which is a stunning venue, BTW) in Memphis. She is a firecracker on TV, but she is even more so in real life. She is hilarious, has a sailor mouth and thinks my best friend has incredible legs (which she does. I included a picture so you can see them.. Note to self: Start yesterday). 

C - You are gorgeous. Loved spending time with you, love you and your legs.
It feels weird to call it a show... because it's more so like an interactive lecture...but it was chalk full of incredibly useful info.. I would HIGHLY recommend that if she comes to a city near you, or to your city, you must go. She does not disappoint and you'll walk away feeling inspired, knowledgable and motivated to tackle whatever obstacle(s) you're facing.

So, let me help you maximize your life, with a sampling of her incredible 2-hour love fest, that you really must experience...

1. Her no-nonsense approach to losing weight is simple... Eat Less. Move More. No Gimmicks. Literally, that's her secret weapon. Want to lose weight? Move your ass.

2. You don't have to deprive yourself to lose weight. She lives by the 80/20 rule (so does Christin) Basically 80% of the time eat healthy, quality foods and 20% you can splurge. Jillian eats her hamburger with a bun ya'll. 

3. Eating healthier is a matter of $20 extra dollars a week. Spend it on organic meats. They are sans hormones and all that other crap, which can contribute to the I-just-can't-seem-to-lose-weight syndrome, weight loss plateaus, and a slew of other things.

4. In regards to food, she talked about additives to avoid..half of them you can't pronounce.. 15 foods that you can buy regularly and 12 foods you should probably splurge and go organic on. Here's the Link. You're Welcome.

5.  Stop making excuses - you're just afraid of failure.. See #6

6.  Fear is a very real thing. It can be debilitating, but embracing that fear and doing what scares you anyway teaches you things. Swifty may sing about being "Fearless", but that's a crock of shit.

7. If you try to avoid fear, you're just going to manifest it. Jillian tells you that you've got 3 options when it comes to dealing with it... She is basically on-point with everything... You want to hate her 115 lb self, but she is so damn lovable.
                     1. Best Case Scenario
                     2. Worst Case Scenario
                     3. What if I do nothing? This one basically turns into your worst case scenario. 

7. You're worth it. So, get off your ass and start working for your goals, whether it's trying to lose weight, simply being healthy or achieving goals in your personal or professional life.

8. What resonates with me (I'm still dealing with some emotional baggage..) is her talk about the past. This isn't verbatim, but essentially the past isn't relevant or real anymore. It's simply a story that we keep telling ourself, a movie we keep watching. Mindblown.

We were VIP (thank you Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine), so we were able to meet her after the show. They take your picture and then post them on the webpage a day or two later. C and I both stalked the webpage for them.. LOL 

I have to reiterate, that Jillian is awesome and I outed the bestie about wearing shorts for her...again C, has some seriously amazing legs (refer to picture at top, if you've forgotten) and Jillian totally agreed, so that's a win in my book. When it was my turn, I basically told her that my Bestie and I thought she was hilarious, and we loved her sailor mouth... she laughed and said something about, "Well, I guess you learned how to say f**k at my show tonight." 

After this, I'm pretty motivated to Maximize my Life and have already started working on a plan to accomplish my goals, both personal and professional. No more being held hostage to my fears and the Story I keep reading of my past is getting closer to the bookshelf.

Are you ready to Maximize Your Life?

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    1. She was so awesome!! I just looked at her tour dates and such a bummer that she isn't stopping anywhere in AZ!

  2. I'm not sure how I'm just now seeing this recap, but it was so great seeing you. And of course I loved the show. See you next week :)