Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bought a House today. Not Joking.

I know it's April Fool's, but I'm not joking... this is the face of someone who literally just signed their name like 63 times and bought a house...today... Holy Shit. Impulse buy officially completed. 

This ombre hair has GOT to go... thank God I have a hair appt tomorrow... never again will I go with anything a) that light or b) too far from my uber dark roots again... Trend tried. Verdict? Not.a.Fan. 
I'm currently on Spring Break (one of the perks of being a teacher) and I trekked to my Gramman's house (about 3 hours from where I currently live) for a visit with her and my mom. I'll be visiting one of my college best friend's, Alex, getting my hair done (Thank God...I may chop it off while I'm at it..) and will be having tea at the 2 Sisters Tearoom, my Mom and Aunt's adorably whimsically tea room with my bestie, Christin. Can't wait to spend a few days with some amazing ladies in my life. The older I get the more I cherish the relationships with my Mom, my Gramman and my best friends.

 I am so blessed. 

I also just FaceTimed with my dad.. It needs to be a more regular thing.  Love that man. 

Mom was super precious today. In celebration of becoming a homeowner, she got me a Starbucks gift card, clearly almost 29 years later, she still knows the way to my heart. Christin, I promise I am cutting back. 

She also mentioned a few weeks ago that she had a little something for me. My mom is one of the most thoughtful people I know..truly.. If I ever have babies, I hope that I can be half the mom that she is. 

Gift #1

This ladies and gentlemen, is a purple tool kit, complete with purple power tools.
 Domestic Goddess status, here I come.

Mom also made me a budget binder with templates to organize my finances in an attempt to aid me in my quest to be more domestic. I think I'd like to add a few things to get the rest of my domestic life more organized and perhaps reclaim some of my sanity. I have a 13 months and 2 weeks before I hit 30, and I'd really like to be the best version of myself by then, in nearly every aspect of my life. 

Operation Get My Shit together commencing.

Anyone have any fun templates they use to help organize their domestic lives?

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  1. Congrats! Love that purple tool kit (it's my favorite color!). Enjoy your spring break and your time with friends and family. Love that your mom owns a tea room....pretty sure I'd hang out there!

  2. So so so so beyond proud and excited and in love with your spontaneity!

  3. I am proud of you. Now how to teach you to use those tools.....hehehe. Love you tons

  4. I'll have to share mine with you once my life settles down in a month. I've got a few neurotically organized "home management" binders :)