Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cup o' tea, Anyone?

So, this past week I was on Spring Break (perks of being a teacher) and after closing on my house, I packed up Pippa and trekked a few hours North to visit my Gramman and Mom.

I've briefly mentioned it before, but I grew up a military brat. My dad was in the Navy, so I grew up in various states along the East Coast. Much of growing up had Mom taking on the role of both parents, while my Dad was like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and we moved around A LOT, which definitely had Mom sacrificing her career as a teacher. Dad picked a winner. So, after my Dad retired from the military and questions existed with the future of his own career, the birth of an idea between my Mom and Aunt was born. You see, there used to be a Victorian home in Vine Grove that once was a Tea Room and when the original owners closed up shop and moved to TX, the place remained vacant...and well.. now it has new owners and a new Tea Room in its place.

2 Sisters Tea Room, Vine Grove, KY

The name hails from the fact that my Mom and her sister, my aunt Aman (pronounced A-men) or Amy (as a toddler, my brother added "n" on to everything, hence Gramman and Aman) opened the place. When you first walk into the house, you see an arrangement of photographs of various generations of our family.

Mom....can you adjust the little picture on the bottom.. it's crooked and it's bugging my occasional OCD nature...
Here's their tea availability, all organized in a fantastic display of order. Samplings of each tea are placed in the jars to allow guests to take a whiff of the tea and get an idea of what each one will taste like.

A+ for Organization... Color coded by type and in alphabetical order..
The atmosphere isn't stuffy, like a traditional tea-room. You won't see very many pinkies up here. It's an inviting place, that is both whimsical and relaxing. The place has a lot of character. It's hard to tell from these photographs, but the wall colors are painted in bright hues - this is the butterfly/dragonfly front room.

The back room is the Alice and Wonderland room and is my absolute favorite. From the Chesire Cat, to the hanging pocket watch, the keys and the chandelier, I will happily go to this rabbit hole to have the best food...I'll have to take other peoples' word about the tea.

Confession: I do not like tea.... AT fact, I hate it, which is why I laugh about my Mom being part-owner of a Tea Room.

They host a variety of food options along with their bottomless pots of tea (You don't have to order just one kind of tea..after the first pot, you can try another!) Some visitors come just for tea (I don't fall into this category)and a scone, but if I'm going to venture in for tea, I want either the Afternoon or the Full tea, which is an option but by reservation only. While the sweets are delicious, I prefer the Savory tier. My Mom and Aman are PHENOMENAL chefs, so this isn't a place where they are going to be serving cookies from Sam's Club. They put a lot of love into their selection of each week's menu (every week it's different) and in their preparation. 

When you get the Afternoon tea, you're served a scone first, followed by fruit and then of course the tier of heavenly treats. You'll see the pic...keep reading...

Our scone was chocolate-covered cherry, served with cherry preserves (I don't like cherries, so I had raspberry preserves... the scone was still remarkably tasty though, surprising since I don't care for cherries) After the scone, we got a delicious fresh fruit cup with Amaretto Breeze whipped topping... so good, especially if you like Amaretto, since the topping has just enough of a kick to identify that flavor.

Their serving tiers are sights to behold.. I mean take a look at it... You'll want to invite that deliciousness to meet your tastebuds too...

I'm so proud of my Mom and Aunt for turning a dream into a reality. It takes a lot of courage, hard work, and sacrifice. (In case you're wondering, Yes, my parents are still happily together, but Dad is busy being a work-a-holic in MD/DC and Mom took an opportunity and is busy working on her dreams here in KY. They FaceTime and fly to see each other as often as schedules allow. It's not ideal and certainly doesn't work for everyone, but Mom had 30 years of practice as a Navy Wife.. so it works for them)

I couldn't be happier for the success of the 2 Sisters Tea Room...even though I secretly hate her because my Mom finally lives 3 hours away from me (and not 12) and I want her to visit me at the drop of hat.

What would you do if you weren't afraid of failing? Would you start a business or would you begin a new hobby? 

Also, disclaimer I did not receive a free Afternoon tea reservation in exchange for this blog post, or because I'm my mother's daughter. I paid full-price for myself, like every other customer, and treated my Gramman too. 
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  1. I so wish I could go there. I think I'd be there every day!