Monday, April 21, 2014

Even blessings surround sadness.

When we experience heartache (for whatever reason, whether it be a break-up or a major disappointment) it's hard sometimes to stay focused on the positives. At the time, the heartache takes over center stage, and you want to cry your heart out, laying in your man-made salty pool of tears with a bevy of thoughts dancing around in your brain. It's in this state that you tend to forget about the other blessings in your life, instead focusing on how much you hurt.

Vulnerability is a scary concept, and for me, exposing that vulnerability is a struggle. Emotionally investing yourself in someone is risky - It's a 50/50. It either works out or it doesn't and while I choose to keep the details private, you can probably figure out what I'm alluding to, so needless to say, in my personal life, unfortunately my heart is hurting...a lot.

But in the midst of being sad, I have some wonderful blessings to celebrate:

1. Although my heart hurts right now, I'm so grateful, because that ache means I'm alive. That pain means I am capable of harboring emotional feelings for another human being. I had an absolutely devastating break-up a few years ago, and I was so scared that I would never be able to have romantic feelings towards anyone else again. How wonderful it is, that I was proven wrong. I was blessed with an opportunity to care about someone again, whether that relationship ends up working itself out or not. 

2. I have some amazing friends. The older I've gotten, I have really chosen wisely when it comes to my friends. Gone are the days when I had a tons of friends, here are the days when I nurture the friendships with the women I call my best friends. The ones who are truly there for me when I need them. You really learn who your true friends are when you need love, encouragement and support the most. 
3.  My family is awesome. Their advice, encouragement, support and love never ceases to amaze me. I am so, so, so lucky.  I can't wait to get loved on when I go visit my mom and Gramman this weekend and I really can't wait to see my Dad next week. His hugs are the best, and I could really use one.

4. Starbucks never lets me down. There is something about that caramel white chocolate mocha that makes my taste buds dance the happy dance.

5. Every tomorrow is a beautiful new day to experience. God is good.

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  1. I love that in the midst of having something negative going on, you can still find positive things too. That's wonderful and encouraging! I hope whatever has you down eases and that your burden is lifted.

  2. That's a great outlook to have on life!

  3. Ahhh I love that! Starbucks will never let you down! I had a rough day at work yesterday, and it was nothing a venti nonfat caramel latte couldn't fix :)

  4. I'm so sorry you're going through a painful time, Rachael! I'd say you're already moving forward though by focusing on the positives. (There is always something to be grateful for.) Family is what pulls me through, too!

  5. I love how you look for good in your life even when you're hurt and struggling. I just love you! Hang in there girl!! I experienced this same thing. BAD breakup. I finally allowed someone else, not thinking my heart could handle it or love again. But it did. And that ended badly too :( I'm sorry you're dealing with this :( I'm always here if you need someone!!!