Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Love to Write

I know, I know... I'm on a roll...posting multiple days in a row... I haven't posted this regularly since I first hopped on the blog train in January. What can I say? I guess it's starting to feel a little more like home here on the Create Post page. 


I love to write (which is likely no surprise as we all share that common bond since the majority of blog readers are, in fact, bloggers themselves).  


I'll be honest..I have the framework in place for a beachy chic-lit book.. I don't share that with many people, although I guess this sure is a way to let the cat out of the bag... perhaps one day I'll actually stop talking about it and will actually write it. Hell, who knows....maybe I'll even share a snippet on my blog. It's very Bridget Jones-esque, since I particularly love that style of writing. 

Anyways... It's no NY Times Best Seller's list...but..

I'm thinking of possibly doing, NaNoWriMo this year...I think it's on my 101 list.. clearly, I need to update that... It stands for National Novel Writing Month and occurs in November. Basically, you have a month to type a novel onto this website and then they send you some published copies of your novel if you finish.. 
Now...unfortunately, my job isn't safe yet, oh the joys of being a non-tenured teacher... I can't wait to not have to stress over my job #teacherprobs so I don't know yet if I'll be back at the high school where I'm currently teaching, but if I am...the current creative writing/poetry teacher is retiring, so fingers crossed that I'll be able to take that elective over. 

I love sharing my passion for writing, and I was going to save it for 5 for Friday but I'm excited to announce that I was accepted into a competitive summer program at a local university for three weeks in June. It's going to be an intensive few weeks that will allow me the chance to actually be creative and write, while also learning how to better teach writing to my students. I'll have to put some Master's course work on hold, but I think it'll be well worth it.

Writing is a daily part of my life. I regularly freelance on the side to make extra monies, because "I teach for the big bucks," said no teacher ever. I used to journal, and now I do so here on LUMUHAND. I write poetry (I'll blog about my song lyric poetry. It's so fun - you'll probably want to try it for a challenge!) It's so easy for me to pour my soul onto a page... the thoughts seem to take on a life of their own..  bottom line... I just really love to write.

Why do you write?

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