Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Truth Tuesday: Alphabet Version

So, here's the story from A - Z.. You want to get with me? You better listen carefully.. If you rapped that a la Spice Girls style, we can totally be friends.

I remembered what I started last week... so here's my second stab at it, and I figured.. since it's about me, why not make it really about me and go through the alphabet......

Here's some of me... From A - Z..

Alpha Gamma Delta alum
Bubble Bather 
Cheerleader... I was one... now I coach.. but most importantly, if you're in my life in whatever capacity, I'll be one of your biggest fans. 
Drama Queen.... of the thespian nature.. IRL drama isn't on my agenda... but stage time sure is. 
Epicurian... I'm a foodie. End.of.story.
Freelancer.. writer and voice over artist.
Goat Cheese Hater... that shiz is gross. Smells like rank socks and tastes like how goats smell.
Hopeless Romantic but won't admit it so how about Hairless Cat Adorer...I know they are ugly..inside out cats...but they feel like peaches, love to snuggle, like baths, can wear sweaters... Like I want one... and one day... I will have one and will name it Wookie... oh, the irony,
 Inclement Weather Scaredy Cat -  my friends and family know that the odds of me getting out with a tornado watch are pretty slim.. once I drove home with the tornado sirens going off.. I called my Dad in a meeting and I was 50 shades of freaked out and talking like, "I'm going to Oz." I can be a bit dramatic.. see D. 
Jetsetter... wish I could say frequent... but my jet doesn't run that often. Takes time and dolla dolla billz, ya'll.   
Keeper of Lists
Master of sarcasm, bullshit and sass
Nautical Obsessed... I think that's pretty obvious.
Old Hollywood Movie Fan or a over-analyzer... I tend to think too much.
Philanthropist..kindness goes a long way people.
Quatrefoil fan
Rosacea Sufferer
Starbucks Addict... Drink of Choice:  Iced caramel white chocolate mocha, but with no ice. Fill that puppy up with milk. yum yum
Thoughtful... I'm big on sentimental value.. I would much rather DIY a gift from the heart or give a meaningful gift or letter. It's the little things that truly mean so much.
Unique. I'm like a Limited Edition... one of one.
Vanilla Coke Lover...especially Sonic's version.
Wedding Planner... one of my weddings was on "Platinum Weddings." I really, really, really miss it.
Xanthippe... Okay... so I'm not actually this.. because it means a wretched nagging wife, or shrew..and I'm not married, nor do I think I'm wretched.. but it's really fun to say.. It's pronounced San-thip-pee
Young at Heart... this I aim to always be

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