Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Randomness: B-days, Kitty Cats, Rosacea & Oregano

So, life has been a bit crazy. We're getting into preparation for State testing at school and I'm busier than ever with some freelancing side work and grad school.. I've let blogging go by the wayside, which hurts my soul because I do want to make time for it... and I will.. I realize I've promised this several times already, but this one isn't an empty one... I promise. LOL

So, here's a bit of a catch-up/Tuesday randomness...

My BFF, Ashley, had a 1st birthday party for sweet baby Isabella. We always joke around with our parents that we're basically sisters, but God did them a favor because neither set would have been able to handle afford the two of us together... 

I love the cherry blossoms in the vase (you can get them at Pier 1) and the food was DELICIOUS... 

Surprisingly, my nail biting has improved...I even painted my nails a sparkly nude yesterday. Tried a hypnotherapy session last week on YouTube... not sure if it worked or if watching Tiptoe, my cat, bite her toenails did the trick..

Like...I would need more yoga classes to bite my own toenails which ew...that's not going to happen... well Yoga might, but not toe nail biting #gross, but thinking that I look like this when nomming on my fingernails makes me want to giggle nervously... and then hide..
I plan on doing a separate posting series about dealing with Rosacea... I have papular/pustular Rosacea which sucks.. anyone who has had a skin condition can understand the disastrous affects that it can have on your self-esteem.. The redness honestly doesn't bother me so much... it's the tiny bumps and what looks like pimples that does... I want to both hug and then slap the people who give me advice on how to treat my acne... I do sincerely appreciate your kindness in the suggestion of a treatment, but I only wish it was that. *sigh

This is so gross... and I can't believe I am posting a picture... so embarrassing...but when I started this blog, I promised to explore my vulnerable side and be authentic...so here's my flare-up.. in all its glory.. while saturated with an herbal facemask...

Someone please get me a paper bag.

Rosacea isn't curable and for me, it can be exacerbated by stress (which I have a lot of) weather conditions, not enough sleep, alcohol, certain foods, etc... I am always willing to try new diets or new "treatments" in an effort to tame the wild beast and reduce my symptoms... unfortunately, nothing really gives me relief for that long and flare-ups can take weeks to heal.

maybe about two weeks ago, I saw on the Dr. Oz show about how a face mask of equal parts oil of oregano and olive oil is being used as a way to treat Rosacea sufferers, acne etc... I've tried it a couple of times, and I've seen some improvement, but not enough to know if it's the mask... or other things... When you use it (at night), the smell is very Oregano-ish.. Like a giant could totally confuse me for some fresh oregano and drop me into his pot of Marinara... 

I was texting with Bombay about the treatment and the accompanying smell being attractive to Italian Men (Disclaimer: I'm not trying to offend those of Italian heritage.. I spent three weeks in Italy and I love the country, the people and the food. A LOT, so please dont' leave me any snarky comments.) 
You're welcome for the laugh.

Here's a screen shot of a typical text exchange.. he's quite witty...totally love that about him.  

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  1. Hi Rachael! I came across your blog by Anne at Love the Here and Now! So glad Anne introduced you to us all over there- I look forward to getting to know you better via blogland!!


  2. :( I can't imagine dealing with that. I complain about my acne which isn't horrible. My sister also has some pretty bad skin issues. They're so detrimental to her self esteem :(