Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday... It's all coming to an End


1. Well... at 3:05pm, School's out for Summer... and I could totally jam out to that on Rock Band right now.. I love playing the drums and my stage name? Killah..with a drawn out end.. 

2. In addition to my last day of school with students, today is also the last day of the Whole 30 diet.. oh and hopefully the last night I sleep in my current apartment.. tomorrow it's Home Sweet Home.  So with the diet.. I've lost a dress size and 15 lbs. Pretty happy with those benefits, but unfortunately didn't see much of an improvement in my Rosacea. Frustrating, but perhaps will see some noticeable changes once I reintroduce food groups and I can know what things to avoid. I must admit though, I can't wait to welcome dairy back to my tastebuds. 

3. Tomorrow is closing day for teachers (I work 8am-Noon) and then Graduation later that evening. I'm excited to get to read some of the graduates names. Mom and Gramman are also coming that afternoon and Kiki La Rue and I are working on the Fear Factor programming at Project Graduation later that evening.. Tarantulas will be in attendance. FML 

4. I have night terrors (usually spider related...or I'm being murdered. Not fun.) and I go through phases. Haven't had them in a 6 months or so...but lately I've had quite a few..we're talking three nights in the past two weeks. They are freaking me out and are unwelcomed - wish they would stay the hell out of my sleepy time. 

5. I have a Starbucks date on June 4th. That's 5 days away people, which keeps with the "5" theme of the day. I'm more than ready.. It's been 31 days since that sweetness has passed my lips.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Moving and Shaking Edition

Love the Here and Now

So, the time is just about finally here and Thank the Lord. My apartment is like an early glimpse of hell and with no working fan in my bedroom, the past few days have been pretty hot, I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room underneath the ceiling fan. I need a cool, crisp 65 degrees in my comfy bed. 5 More Nights. I'm excited and a little scared. This is such a big step. I don't know what my future holds or even how long I plan on staying in Paducah, but in the meantime, I'll be excited to have a place that I love and where I can entertain family and friends. I'm thinking of doing a little wine & cheese or wine & dessert housewarming party once I've gotten settled in. So, so, so many things to look forward to, they far outweigh the uncertainty that I'm feeling about moving. 

So, here's what I'm wishing...

1. I wish for continued productivity in packing up. It's a struggle with no freakin' AC in my apt, but I've packed quite a bit, gotten rid of a lot and it feels so good to be taking the time and purge shit. A big thanks to Kiki La Rue for helping me tackle the bedroom! It's making me excited about having a new space where everything has it's place. Organized future? Yes, please #WannabeDomesticGoddess

2. I really hope this whole move is smooth sailing. The last few moves have NIGHTMARES. Perks of being a military kid, people come and pack your shiz... Oh, to go back... 

3. Mother Nature... please don't rain on my moving parade. I promise I will dance in the rain one day next week, just not Sunday for the small stuff or Monday for my furniture. I'm dealing with no AC and you being all hot and feisty please, please, please be sweet to me for my move.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Truth Tuesday: Geeking Out

I'm a medical nerd. Like... I love learning about the human body and one of my favorite video games was a surgery simulator of sorts. I would be tickled to death to do a realistic simulator and I would probably have a coronary due to the excitement of getting an opportunity to watch a surgery. #nerdalert 

Last year, I went on a field trip to a Cadaver Lab at a Chiropractic College in St.Louis. It was one of the coolest things ever. My only complaint..well, actually there are two... is that of course, the smell of the bodies was unpleasant and the fact that kids kept dropping like flies, and of course, I was responsible for taking them out to either puke or lie down... Basically, once I got use to the smell, I had to evacuate a kid...which meant I then had to reintroduce the smell multiple times, but more importantly, I was missing some quality time with the body.. This might be grossing some of you out.. but the human body..really is quite cool..especially getting a closer look on the inside. 

I went to the Bodies Exhibit too, back in San Diego in 08' and I'd love to go again - love this kind of stuff. 

I was Pre-Med in college for a hot minute at my Alma Mater and contemplated joining the military to get my med school paid for. Needless to say, the thought of wearing a uniform or being in school for like 7 years made me change my mind. When I graduated, I had applied and was accepted into the Accelerated Nursing Program at Bellarmine University in Louisville. Instead, I chose to put it on the back burner to trek to California to pursue the other passion on the forefront of my soul: Event Planning. 

So, Anyways... what prompted this week's truth was an experience last week. The same teacher, and also a good friend (who I chaperoned the Cadaver trip for and judged cat brains for)  was having her students perform autopsies on fetal pigs. So...naturally... I put on some gloves and tried my hand at closing up Wilbur with a few stitches. One of my favorite former students captured it on video and it makes me giggle every time I watch it... I am basically geeking out loud while half the class is taking a final. Pardon my excitement. Oops. 
Meet Wilbur
Not even going to lie.. It was one of the coolest things... #geekingout
I know you paused a moment over the cat brains. Let me give you the short version: 

Last year, the Anatomy class dissected cats. Hard for me, in a sense, because I'm a cat lover and they had been shaved and I want a hairless cat... but the duo who dissected the cat brain the cleanest received extra credit, which is like the Holy Grail in her class. [cue angels singing] To alleviate bias, she passed the judging torch to me and I was like YEAH! Let me judge some cat brains and then as I was judging I'm like... Soooo cool. Wait.. this is gross. Oh my..this is what Tiptoe's brain looks like? ew.. Oh, you know it's bigger than I thought.. Holy Shit.. I AM holding a cat brain.. You've cat to be kitten me. This is cool.

Clearly, I am excited over the brains.. Judge me all you want, but I'm a closet geek. 
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Friday, May 23, 2014

High 5 for Friday

1. So, immediately I want to be like Uuuugggghh... today should have been my last day of school... but nooooo Mother Nature decided to be a bish and now there's an extra week tacked on and a Saturday to be worked. Silver lining? It's hot and my AC doesn't work, so at least I'm in AC for a good portion of the day.

2. Spent the day yesterday with a local slam poet, Samuel Hawkins II.. He goes back "Snacks".. why you might ask? Apparently, he ate all his snacks (Lays chips, gummy worms, Doritos, etc.etc.etc.) in his first night and then spent the following week asking anyone and everyone if they had any snacks he could eat.  Anyways.. he self published his poetry book and is about to go on a book tour - I certainly admire his courage to do his thing. He performed for the students - we laughed, we cried. Class discussions stemmed from meaningful lines like, "Can we truly feel bliss, if we've never been broken? Even some of the students who would hiss if touched with holy water, got into it. All teenagers, all humans in fact, encounter obstacles in their lives and Snacks is a source of inspiration... both the poet and the food.. I could really go for a snack right now. #whole30probs

3. The countdown is ON. I feel like Rocky is playing somewhere.. It's the Final Countdown.. buh buh buh buhhhhhh buh buh buh buh buhhh... If you just hummed that #highfive

School Days Left: 4
Days of Work: 5
Whole 30 ends: 8
Move-In Date: 9
Days Until Summer Break: 9

4. My bathroom is seriously the doorway to my own personal my bathtub this warning was a warzone of 3...yes 3, spider carcasses were in my tub. I finally caught the bastard that went rogue earlier this week.. and then another one...a bigger one... decided to vacation on my bathroom ceiling... I of course, freaked out and since it was way scarier than a Daddy Long Leg... decided that Romeo. Must. Die. Now. I stealthily grabbed the broom, swept it into the bathtub where I drowned that sucker in a steady stream of spider killing toxin. Naturally, I pulled back the curtain and was like.. I just can't deal, so this morning I summoned the courage to do some crime scene clean up and there was ANOTHER spider carcass... Like what the hell. 

5. Earlier this week, I was in Kroger...and I was violated by a man in the produce section. This sketchy individual was photographing me selecting/squeezing no.. I see this out of my peripheral vision and yes, I'm sassy.. so, naturally I call him out. It's been a few days but the conversation went something like this (also, please note I am holding a zucchini firmly in one of my hands...) excuse me Sir. I hop you know that I'm well aware of what you're doing and it's perverted and uncalled for. Management witnessed the whole thing and came over. He of course, didn't really respond. He turned red and stammered inaudibly. I felt bad about him being asked to leave by management, since I assume he needed groceries... but please don't be a creeper... 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week... it's crazy to think that there's only one more week in May. Time was listening to one of my wishes to hurry up, so I could move! 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wishes Doubled Up

Love the Here and Now

I'm linking up again with Anne this week for Wednesday Wishes and I know I warned last week that my wishes this week would be more superficial, but I ventured from that route and in its place is what's listed below.. Flexibility is key. 

1. I hope I get cast in the big Murder Mystery performance show in mid-August at a relatively local resort of sorts. As part of the Murder Mystery troupe, it's based off characters needed and availability, so I'm not able to do every show that the Mystery Troupe puts on. The experience is a blast, since the acting is both scripted and impromptu and interactive with the guests. You never know what the guests will say, so it keeps you on your toes. If you've never been to a mystery dinner event, you must add it to your bucket list to experience.

2. I really wish I could find the big ass uninvited unwanted eight-legged house guest that is playing hide-and-seek with me. I'm not interested in playing that game and I'm ready for its life to end #gameover

3. I wish I had more time to devote to studying/re-learning Italian. I'm so excited to be going to Rome for a few days in November with Kiki la Rue. I really need to get some audio CDs, so I can learn while I'm trekking to some great places this summer. I have some incredible plans in the works and it all starts in like 12 days!

4. I wish my TO DO list would do itself. I don't think any further explanation is needed.

5. I wish this Whole 30 diet would work for my Rosacea. I'm on day 21 and unfortunately, I don't see much of an improvement. The good news is I've lost a dress size and 10 lbs. Is it bad to wish for 5 more? Either way, I'm adding it to the wish list. I'm missing food (and STARBUCKS like woah, off the charts) but I really am feeling great.

6. I wish for a few hours to catch up on my DVR. There are some shoes that I'm dying to finish up  Chicago Fire? Get on my TV screen, while I eat some Kale chips. Speaking of Chicago, I've only been to the outskirts of Schaumberg, for the Miss Illinois pageant to support my best friend, Ashley (she's the same one who went to Italy with me in '06) so I would really love to visit and experience the Windy City.

I think I've met my Wishing Quota, since I usually only I do three wishes...oops...that's why I teach English and not Math.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here's my truth... I must confess.

This post isn't like the others, it's more so a declaration of my intent to commit murder. A lot of murders...namely victims that have 8 legs... less if they have been involved in an altercation that has left them missing an appendage or left with a mangled one...  

like the simple truth is...

 and I know I've mentioned it before.. but I seriously am terrified of spiders... like we just can not co-exist together. I had one on the ceiling of my shower area on Sunday.. and I couldn't find my spider killing spray and I didn't want that beast to fall on me while I awkwardly tried to kill it.. so.. I was like.. I.will.wait..

Well... I waited.. and now said spider is Missing in Action.. Like I know he is not dead... because I did not kill him.. so WHERE IS HE? He is alive somewhere.. and that thought literally makes me sleep with one eye open. I DO NOT want him to make a home in my belongings and decide to move with me to my new address... which is happening in 13 days.... EEEK! He is not welcomed. Neither are his friends, siblings, frenemies, etc.  Like.. stay the hell away from me. #pleaseandthankyou

I love my Dad.. really I do... and he's a great spider assassin, but on numerous occasions growing up he has either chased me with the spider carcass on the weapon of choice (TP, tissue, paper towel, etc.) or hasn't entirely killed it and come at me with the creature still showing signs of life. I, of course, would be all dramatic and.. I'm not saying this scared me for life... but it probably didn't help in my quest to qualm my fears of the Arachnid kind. 

I have this spidey-sense... like I can catch one out of the corner of my eye. Once I see it, commence the freak out. I have to quickly summon up the courage to swoop in for the kill.. and when it goes missing.. I just can't even... 

Truth is... I hope I find that spider, so I can kill it.  I'm sorry if you advocate for them.. yes, I know they kill bugs and such... like yay for helping deplete the bug pop... but when they invite themselves into my life... it is rude.. they are unwelcomed, unwanted, unappreciated... 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Wanderlust in the Continental US

I poached this image from the internet.. Totally captures the essence of my insane desire to see more of this world. Came from Ludlow & Co. 
I love to travel - domestic or really doesn't matter. Exploring new places, taking in the sights, sounds, TASTES and smells is exhilarating...And although not Truth Tuesday yet...True Story... I considered being a flight attendant for a hot minute because of the travel perks... 

I'm mentioned once or twice about taking a group of students on an International Trip in June 2015. We will be going to London, England and Paris, France. Kiki la Rue and I will also get to go on an International trip this November 7th - 11th,  to help us get ready for that Summer trip. 20% of our time will be spent doing professional stuff... but then 80% of our time will be spent touring Rome for three days. I've already been to Rome (keep reading...) but I'm very excited to be go back and experience it again...especially the food. 

I spent 3 weeks eating my way  traveling through Italy in 2006  with my parents and best friend, Ashley. It was unbelievable. I remember having tears in my eyes at the Coliseum and in Venice. Venice is like a story book... so surreal. Speaking the language (minimally... I didn't study it that much...)with the country's natives made me feel like a bad ass and was a really great way to immerse myself into the culture. We were there at the same time that Italy won the FIFA World Cup... it was insanity.

Five years later, I would spend a month on the Japanese Island of Okinawa. I went and spent some time with my brother (he flies helicopters for the Marine Corps) and did things that I never thought that I would do. I went  river trekking and ending up standing beneath a waterfall. The experience was amazing and some of the sights literally took my breath away. I also completed a ropes course with zip lining and other obstacles..I'm yearning to do something like that again... I look back and am amazed at the courage I needed to face some of those obstacles...

So, let's talk about the 5-ish places in the Continental US that are on my list of places to go right now.. hopefully, within the next 5 years.

1. I was born in Connecticut and definitely have a love for the New England part of America (although, not the Patriots.. Please don't confuse me with being a fan.) I want to see the Fall Foliage... and I'd love to go to Boston... or Maine.

2. I want to see the Grand Canyon..specifically...I want to walk out on that frightening platform...(with nothing underneath..GAH)

3. I'd love to visit Washington State (I'd like to see Seattle!) and Oregon. In Oregon, I'd love to see the Mulnomah Falls and the Port of Astoria.


4. I'd like to go camping at the Redwood Forest in Cali and at Yellowstone National Park... see Old Faithful and summon up some courage to go white water rafting.

 5. I've been to New Orleans... but didn't get to explore like I would have liked. I'm kind of a closet nerd... and would really enjoy a cemetery tour... something voo doo/ghost related perhaps and I'd like to see some of the Antebellum homes. I would also like to take a swamp tour, specifically to hold a baby alligator.. And I didn't get to eat any beignets... so I've got to get some of those in my belly too.

If I was wealthy, I know in a heartbeat that I would want to spend money exploring the world, ideally with people that I love the most. Traveling is an experience that allows you to create memories that last longer than the newest innovative product on the market.. I would choose experiences over material anyday... although, I won't lie.. I do like meaningful presents in the form of jewelry. #noshame and while I do like the beach, these days I want to go to places where I can sight-see and explore versus drinking a colorful beverage with an umbrella in it for 4 days in a row under a cabana. (Disclaimer: Not knocking the beach... I will happily go to the beach for a getaway...just stating my preference to see more of this beautiful, beautiful world..) 

Where does your wanderlust take you?

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Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday: 29th Birthday Edition

1. Last day of school is two weeks from today... We miss a day next week for election day and then Monday of the following week for Memorial Day.. so basically... 8 days left of school and then a two month break from students... No further words needed. 

2. Last week I mentioned talking to a wonderful couple who gave me a lot of wisdom and encouragement. This same couple sent me an unexpected birthday surprise this week - 2 cards and a gift certificate to a specialty grocery store. I adore them. They are so sweet. 

3. Yesterday was my birthday and I walked into school and was welcomed to these...all over the school...

And a hawaiian luau in my classroom. Mom and Kiki La Rue were in cahoots. I knew something was up. Mom was asking way to many questions.. I have a love/hate relationship with surprises and she knows this. 

4. Edible Arrangements are delicious.  The chocolate dipped pineapples and strawberries are my favorite.. but not whole 30 compliant. I was a proud recipient of two, which will cut back on my fresh fruit expense for the weekend/first part of next week. Hallejah. Mom and Gramman sent me one and a few of my fabulous besties (Christin, Bri and Kali) sent me one. 

Let's do a mini recap for 5. 

I've stopped biting my nails. I'm quite please with myself considering all the things going on in my life right now. They look pretty and I'm surprisingly winning the battle right now, but this is an on-going war as I've been a nail biter, on-and-off- for 29 years (although the time is negotiable considering the fact that technically you can't bit your nails as a gummy infant or awkwardly toothed toddler and I've only been 29 for a day...but you get the jist). 

14-16 Days until I get the keys to my first home. It seems so crazy that it's finally almost here. I CAN NOT wait to get out of my current apartment.. The kitchen light is now starting to be literally...the place is falling apart. 

Today marks Day 16 of the Whole 30 diet. I'm over halfway.. and I've stuck with it which for me.. is awesome. I was originally going to be traveling to Memphis/Chattanooga for a special occasion this weekend, but plans changed a few weeks ago and have unfortunately stayed that way, BUT there is a silver lining.  I don't have to figure out how to cater to this insanely restrictive diet for those three days. Eating out would have been a nightmare. #PositivityCounts #Willpower
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Volume II

Love the Here and Now

Well.. here's to Day Two of alliterative topics (And holy crap... like blog post central for LUMUHAND this week...) and like last week, I'm linking up with Anne from Love the Here and Now. Going "Back to Basics" is the theme of my life right now and literally her blog title, loving the here and now, is becoming my mantra. I can't waste time anymore on the "What ifs" or the "What was." I've got to focus on the "What is" or the "What will be in the next few days or weeks."

This week is the start of standardized testing, and for the grades that test [insert stress for teachers]. For some reason, the accountability rests on our shoulders and not on the students, first wish is that students be held more accountable... Like if a little shit sweet student wants to put their head down on their desk, bubble in only C and not care ever why should I be held responsible? #rantover

Wish #2 is that Mother Nature not get too warmed up until I move. My AC is out since my nocturnal preferences are for a cool, crisp 65 or 68 degree bedroom... This no AC thing, is not okay. I'm not quite miserable at night....yet.. and I'd be a lot happier if my light/fan worked (it hasn't since December.. lazy landlady... ) but it doesn't, so Mother Nature....please be sweet to me.

I don't want to wish for the same things as before, although all of them still apply especially positivity for sweet Melzie... so...

Wish #3 is for her continued strength and mine in all areas of my life where I need it (and there are several) as well as anyone else in need of an extra ounce of strength these days..  Day 14 of the diet is today. I'm so proud of myself for not giving in to the intense cravings desire of Starbucks or non-compliant Whole 30 nom nom (which I struggle with on the daily, yo) That strength will definitely be needed tomorrow, so I don't cave. Birthday treats will have to be postponed.

I ought to warn you that next week, my wishes will either reflect my wanderlust or will be more materialistic in nature. I'm human. #sorrynotsorry

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Truth Tuesdays: Birthday Edition

Birthdays in my mid-to-late twenties have been a weird time for me. I had a hard time aging out from being a military brat (you lose your ID card at a certain age.. That was like part of my identity for like 23 years of my life) and a pretty devastating break-up three years ago was an unwelcomed present from the Duke of Douchebagistan. retrospect it was a great gift, but it's taking me some time to heal and some therapy to get there though but whatever #noshame #droppingthebaggage

Then of course, as you age, the people in your life age and that can be scary when you morbidly think that one day they won't be around.  

So, enough about the meh.. Let's delve into some truth... A la birthday style. 

1. I like sweets, but oddly enough I'm not the biggest fan of cake and ice cream. I have to eat one or the other (I don't want my melted ice cream to touch my cake) and when it comes to cake, I would choose Funfetti pretty much everytime. I also prefer cupcakes to cake...

2.  When I was born, my Gramman and Grandad started a pearl necklace for me. Every year they added a pearl that equaled my age. To this day, it's one of my most meaningful gifts along with my 21st right hand ring from my parents. Those heirlooms will tell a story and to me sentiment is worth more to me than anything. 

3. I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.

4. My astrological sign is the Taurus. I'm definitely stubborn, but I struggle with patience. 

5. I was born in Connecticut, a wee but early, so I wore cabbage patch clothes for a hot minute, and had a ridiculous head full of dark hair. 

6. Since the aforementioned break-up as my 26th Birthday present, birthdays haven't been looked at too fondly since I struggled with my present being different from what I imagined/planned my future to be. I had thought that at this point in my life, I would be married with a kid.. Maybe.. Well, at least the married part. 

This year is different. While the past month has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I'll admit, I'm still bummed that my original birthday weekend plans have changed, I've been working on a whole new and genuine perspective and the past few days has been a game changer for me. 

I can't waste time being confined by the chains of my past and I can't spend my days in "what if" mode. Is it good to plan some things for the future? Yes. But clearly my original plans for the future from three years ago didn't pan out, so why get caught up in that hullabaloo? I hate the unknown and when it comes to the future, that can be pretty scary, but whatever. I'm going to try something new and I'm just going to go with it. I'm along for this ride of life - twists and turns, roadblocks and scenic drives. I really think this is the greatest birthday gift I've been given this year, and a few days early too. 

7. I'm going to have to celebrate my half birthday this year with something fabulous (nov 15) since this birthday will be spent being Whole 30 compliant.. Which means no alcoholic celebratory Starbucks birthday drink, no Funfetti cake or meal out at a local restaurant with friends. I really want to cheat... But I've come so far.. So, I can't wait to put a candle in a grilled chicken breast. To my Denied Temptation, you can pout and judge me all you want. If I wasn't classy, I would give you the bird and say cluck you. #willpower 

Cheers to Birthday Number 29..

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Love, Loss and What I Wore

It's no wonder that the collection of stories and illustrations in Love, Loss and What I Wore resonate with audiences around the globe - regardless of zipcode, age, ethnicity or sexual preference. The stories highlight some of our most shining moments as women and then shed light on some moments that perhaps cast a shadow over our days.

Over Mother's Day weekend, I had the pleasure of performing in this dramatic reading (this year and last year). Being part of this incredible cast and directed by a duo of amazing women from Paducah has warmed my heart. If I could fit them all under my tutu, which it may be cramped but doable, I would. 

Opening night, was exceptionally fun. My tutu had a shining moment of its own and made quite the dramatic entrance. Coming onto the stage, I knocked over the music stand that held my script... and when I say knocked it over, I literally mean I picked that puppy up off the stage floor. Luckily my skirt was completely in tact, just a little ruffled... I mean it literally had it's own zipcode. Both of which I said out loud to break the ice.

I think if we all sit back and think about it, we can fondly remember moments wearing a particular outfit. After all, that's probably why some of us haven't cleaned out our closets in multiple years #guilty We get emotionally attached to material items and the nostalgia that comes from seeing the item, touching the item... even wearing the item again. I could easily pinpoint the outfit that I wore on a first date with someone special, or what I wore for a special event. I have a 1940's inspired brown dress that was like one of the only outfits that my Grandad liked and honestly, I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to get rid of it.

What has been your favorite outfit?

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Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Friday, Friday Friday...

1. Tonight is opening night of my show Love, Loss & What I Wore. If you're familiar with the book by Nora Ephron, you would love it. The tutu gets to make an appearance, as does a host of fun accents I get to use as my characters.

2. I've lost 5 lbs. Thank you side effects of the Whole 30. I know you're not supposed to look at the scale during the 30 days, but when you're not doing it for the purpose of weight loss and you need some motivation... we all know what a big deal 5 lbs is. 

3. Spent some time with a lovely couple on Tuesday evening. I've been blessed to have had them in my life. Truly wonderful people. Encouraged that when going through life's challenges to "Get back to Basics." One of them later sent me this..which I screen shot for future reference. Hope it resonates with you as much as it did me. 

4. Had orientation last night for the Writing Program that I'll be a part of for a few weeks in June. It was at my Alma Mater and it was mostly fun. Met some great people, but also met some bishes. Like okay, you two... be snarky and turn your nose up up me because I don't teach at your Elementary School. We live in the same city and can save money carpooling. #rudepeoplesuck. It's really not hard to be nice. Aside from that not being fun, the dinner was catered by my favorite pizza place in Murray. Not only did they have pizza, but they had cheesy bread and their signature breadsticks with their special sauce... It was torture. 

Thank heavens they had salad, but since it was covered with finely shredded fresh cheese, I could only salvage a few pieces of lettuce for dinner.. yum. I'm not sure how the Naked & Afraid people survive practically starving. I felt horrible until I could get home (9pm) and nom on something. 

5. Not sure when the current occupants will be out of my house, but I could potentially be starting to  move in 17 days. Which, hallejah, because at my current place ('s a shithole, and I mean that with love, nestled next to a drug house...) the overhead light/fan in my bedroom hasn't worked since December (the land lady never got around to getting it fixed...the AC has gone out ('s starting to get hot) and the specialty light in the only bathroom has gone out...I refuse to pay to fix any of the issues, so I will be like MacGuyver or McGruber (whatever your generation knows) infused with some Tim Gunn and, "Make it Work." So here's me making it work... 

I know... it's pretty wretched.. but hey, it's cost effective and practical. #winning

I am SO ready to move. 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

Love the Here and Now

When Anne from Love the Here and Now contacted me about linking up with her for Wednesday Wishes, I didn't have to think twice about it. Anne and I started our blogging journey around the same time and she's always been so supportive in the blogosphere. She's wonderful, with a beautiful family and the warmest heart. She's been there from the start, and so has this sweet girl.... which...

I had to make an adaptation to my original post because my new first wish is that everything goes well today (and with all other testing...) with Melzie. If you haven't checked her out yet, you need to. She's amazing and not just because she beat cancer's ass a few years ago. She has two hilarious dogs, an adorable husband and I basically want to be her IRL friend. She's really that cool. #endofstory

Since this link-up will be a weekly thing, I don't want to exhaust all my wishes, so I'm going to take a hint from Aladdin and keep this bish to the standard three... plus the aforementioned extra special one for Mel.

1.  I don't want to wish time to fly by... but for the month of May... I'll be okay wishing for that... I'm on countdown.. 8 more days til my birthday...15 more days left of school before I'm free for the Summer... 20-22 before I can start moving into my new place and 23 more days left of the Whole 30 elimination diet.. I'm still debating on which of my eliminated food groups I'll reintroduce first.. choices...choices...choices. 

2.  This might be alarming but I wish I didn't have such a love affair with food. Like hot damn, kids are offering me opportunities to smell their snacks to get my fix... oddly enough..the smell of some of their food does help with the cravings...I think Cosmo did a study one time about lighting a vanilla candle to help with cravings for sweets.. They are counting down with me and are super precious. I am going to miss my 1st and 5th block so much. 

3. I wish my Rank I (this is what they call a second Masters that teachers have their sights on for a pay raise...) would finish itself. I'm over halfway finished, but my motivation is in a million different areas in my life. I'm basically over it, but really need to get it finished... #thestruggleisreal

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Truth Tuesday - It's all about the Food...

At this point, I am six days into the Whole 30 diet.. basically I can't have wheat, gluten, grains, soy, legumes, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners or alcohol.

I'm a foodie.. so I'm not going to lie.. this diet is hard. You can't exactly wing it and you've definitely got to be committed. I can't tell you how bad I want to cheat, like... it's a daily struggle...especially because when I'm sad or overwhelmed, a Starbucks is just what I need to perk up.

Today it's going to be food related...
  • I prefer to eat my food one type at a time.. I'm well aware that it all mixes anyway.. but I prefer to eat all of one thing on my plate before moving on to the next. I'm getting better about about this, but it's still a food quirk. 
  • I like mayonnaise with my fries... I know it's gross.. but I won't apologize... I love it and would choose mayo over ketchup every time... well... unless they are steak fries and malt vinegar is involved..  
  • The Melting Pot is my favorite restaurant.. I enjoy the experience... fondue and their Curryaki sauce I could eat by the spoonful. 
  • I don't care for spicy all.. in fact, the littlest bit of spice makes my mouth feel like the flaming pits of hell. 
  • Water tastes gross.. like people are like, "It doesn't taste like anything.." Um... yes it does. It tastes like water and it's gross. 
  • I HATE mint... I've gotten to the point where I can tolerate certain toothpastes, mouthwashes and some gums... but I reallllllly hate mint... especially peppermint...spearmint...wintergreen... like you name it, I can smell it a mile away... #HATE
  • When it's on my plate, I really like to put maple syrup on my pot roast. Judge me if you want... but if you tried you might like it too.
  • I'm not that big of a fan of peanut butter... but I love peanut butter M & M's.. especially when I'm grouchy.. and the peanut butter & jelly milkshake (PB & Strawberry) at Sonic is DELICIOUS.   
Needless to say, I miss non-whole 30 food, Starbucks, non-whole 30 food, Starbucks, non-whole 30 food..

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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Great Gatsby.. post prom Recap and my Love for F. Scott Fitzgerald

Believe or not.. behind the shadow people is one of several trophy cases... love the innovative decor!
 This past weekend was Prom at the high school where I work. Teachers are required to chaperone a dance, and I like to play dress-up, so naturally prom is my dance of choice. This year was exceptionally fun because it was themed... with my favorite theme too... Great Gatsby. Like... I can't even truly quantify into words my love for the era.. The parties...the clothes... the jewels... everything. And it's not Truth Tuesday... but truth... my future wedding will have some Gatsby inspiration.

First off... The front of the school had vintage cars parked around the loop. 
Kiki la Rue and I couldn't help but pose.. 

Let's check out some of the decor shall we... 

This was the entrance into the Cafeteria..
How adorable is the savory snack area? Too bad I couldn't eat any of it. #whole30probs
Kiki la Rue and I...again... the struggle was real with the sweets table... 

The night was a lot of fun, especially the entertainment provided by the lack of dancing skills... bahahaha.. if you're curious please visit the video on my Instagram. 

I love an excuse to dress-up and visiting the Costume Shop with a bestie, provided an afternoon full of much needed laughs. I thought that it was going to be really expensive to rent a costume and wig, but $50 was well worth it go back nearly...ew... literally nearly a century.

For those that haven't read The Great Gatsby... you should... but if you aren't much of reader or don't have a whole lot of time, the movie version with Leo has an AWESOME soundtrack and it's really quite good. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald was brilliant and quite the romantic.. he had a way with words.. no wonder he and Zelda shared a love like theirs.. I leave you with a few of his quotes that I adore.. that add a flutter to my heart and smile to my soul. #swoon


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