Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday: 29th Birthday Edition

1. Last day of school is two weeks from today... We miss a day next week for election day and then Monday of the following week for Memorial Day.. so basically... 8 days left of school and then a two month break from students... No further words needed. 

2. Last week I mentioned talking to a wonderful couple who gave me a lot of wisdom and encouragement. This same couple sent me an unexpected birthday surprise this week - 2 cards and a gift certificate to a specialty grocery store. I adore them. They are so sweet. 

3. Yesterday was my birthday and I walked into school and was welcomed to these...all over the school...

And a hawaiian luau in my classroom. Mom and Kiki La Rue were in cahoots. I knew something was up. Mom was asking way to many questions.. I have a love/hate relationship with surprises and she knows this. 

4. Edible Arrangements are delicious.  The chocolate dipped pineapples and strawberries are my favorite.. but not whole 30 compliant. I was a proud recipient of two, which will cut back on my fresh fruit expense for the weekend/first part of next week. Hallejah. Mom and Gramman sent me one and a few of my fabulous besties (Christin, Bri and Kali) sent me one. 

Let's do a mini recap for 5. 

I've stopped biting my nails. I'm quite please with myself considering all the things going on in my life right now. They look pretty and I'm surprisingly winning the battle right now, but this is an on-going war as I've been a nail biter, on-and-off- for 29 years (although the time is negotiable considering the fact that technically you can't bit your nails as a gummy infant or awkwardly toothed toddler and I've only been 29 for a day...but you get the jist). 

14-16 Days until I get the keys to my first home. It seems so crazy that it's finally almost here. I CAN NOT wait to get out of my current apartment.. The kitchen light is now starting to be literally...the place is falling apart. 

Today marks Day 16 of the Whole 30 diet. I'm over halfway.. and I've stuck with it which for me.. is awesome. I was originally going to be traveling to Memphis/Chattanooga for a special occasion this weekend, but plans changed a few weeks ago and have unfortunately stayed that way, BUT there is a silver lining.  I don't have to figure out how to cater to this insanely restrictive diet for those three days. Eating out would have been a nightmare. #PositivityCounts #Willpower
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  1. Edible Arrangements are amazing! Love them! So excited for you...2 weeks left? Lucky!

  2. I stopped biting my nails a couple years ago. Every so often I'll have a little relapse but I love being able to actually paint my nails so it doesn't happen too often.