Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday... It's all coming to an End


1. Well... at 3:05pm, School's out for Summer... and I could totally jam out to that on Rock Band right now.. I love playing the drums and my stage name? Killah..with a drawn out end.. 

2. In addition to my last day of school with students, today is also the last day of the Whole 30 diet.. oh and hopefully the last night I sleep in my current apartment.. tomorrow it's Home Sweet Home.  So with the diet.. I've lost a dress size and 15 lbs. Pretty happy with those benefits, but unfortunately didn't see much of an improvement in my Rosacea. Frustrating, but perhaps will see some noticeable changes once I reintroduce food groups and I can know what things to avoid. I must admit though, I can't wait to welcome dairy back to my tastebuds. 

3. Tomorrow is closing day for teachers (I work 8am-Noon) and then Graduation later that evening. I'm excited to get to read some of the graduates names. Mom and Gramman are also coming that afternoon and Kiki La Rue and I are working on the Fear Factor programming at Project Graduation later that evening.. Tarantulas will be in attendance. FML 

4. I have night terrors (usually spider related...or I'm being murdered. Not fun.) and I go through phases. Haven't had them in a 6 months or so...but lately I've had quite a few..we're talking three nights in the past two weeks. They are freaking me out and are unwelcomed - wish they would stay the hell out of my sleepy time. 

5. I have a Starbucks date on June 4th. That's 5 days away people, which keeps with the "5" theme of the day. I'm more than ready.. It's been 31 days since that sweetness has passed my lips.

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  1. Yay for moving and summer vacay! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good things ahead for you!! Welcome back to the land of good good (although not so healthy!).

  3. Summer vacation! Woohoo! Makes me miss school, and actually having nice long vacations! It's a shame that you couldn't pinpoint what was causing/affecting your roseacea. I just recently (and entirely accidentally) found that either mine is triggered by dairy, or I have a dairy allergy. My face is always reddish, but gets pimply/broken out/gross when I eat cheese/yogurt/delicious heavenly cheesecake. Of all of the things in my life it could be, it had to be dairy?! Ugh, I miss cheese!

  4. Schools out...time to plan a get together!