Friday, May 23, 2014

High 5 for Friday

1. So, immediately I want to be like Uuuugggghh... today should have been my last day of school... but nooooo Mother Nature decided to be a bish and now there's an extra week tacked on and a Saturday to be worked. Silver lining? It's hot and my AC doesn't work, so at least I'm in AC for a good portion of the day.

2. Spent the day yesterday with a local slam poet, Samuel Hawkins II.. He goes back "Snacks".. why you might ask? Apparently, he ate all his snacks (Lays chips, gummy worms, Doritos, etc.etc.etc.) in his first night and then spent the following week asking anyone and everyone if they had any snacks he could eat.  Anyways.. he self published his poetry book and is about to go on a book tour - I certainly admire his courage to do his thing. He performed for the students - we laughed, we cried. Class discussions stemmed from meaningful lines like, "Can we truly feel bliss, if we've never been broken? Even some of the students who would hiss if touched with holy water, got into it. All teenagers, all humans in fact, encounter obstacles in their lives and Snacks is a source of inspiration... both the poet and the food.. I could really go for a snack right now. #whole30probs

3. The countdown is ON. I feel like Rocky is playing somewhere.. It's the Final Countdown.. buh buh buh buhhhhhh buh buh buh buh buhhh... If you just hummed that #highfive

School Days Left: 4
Days of Work: 5
Whole 30 ends: 8
Move-In Date: 9
Days Until Summer Break: 9

4. My bathroom is seriously the doorway to my own personal my bathtub this warning was a warzone of 3...yes 3, spider carcasses were in my tub. I finally caught the bastard that went rogue earlier this week.. and then another one...a bigger one... decided to vacation on my bathroom ceiling... I of course, freaked out and since it was way scarier than a Daddy Long Leg... decided that Romeo. Must. Die. Now. I stealthily grabbed the broom, swept it into the bathtub where I drowned that sucker in a steady stream of spider killing toxin. Naturally, I pulled back the curtain and was like.. I just can't deal, so this morning I summoned the courage to do some crime scene clean up and there was ANOTHER spider carcass... Like what the hell. 

5. Earlier this week, I was in Kroger...and I was violated by a man in the produce section. This sketchy individual was photographing me selecting/squeezing no.. I see this out of my peripheral vision and yes, I'm sassy.. so, naturally I call him out. It's been a few days but the conversation went something like this (also, please note I am holding a zucchini firmly in one of my hands...) excuse me Sir. I hop you know that I'm well aware of what you're doing and it's perverted and uncalled for. Management witnessed the whole thing and came over. He of course, didn't really respond. He turned red and stammered inaudibly. I felt bad about him being asked to leave by management, since I assume he needed groceries... but please don't be a creeper... 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week... it's crazy to think that there's only one more week in May. Time was listening to one of my wishes to hurry up, so I could move! 

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  1. Good for you calling the creeper out. Ewwww.....nasty.