Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Friday, Friday Friday...

1. Tonight is opening night of my show Love, Loss & What I Wore. If you're familiar with the book by Nora Ephron, you would love it. The tutu gets to make an appearance, as does a host of fun accents I get to use as my characters.

2. I've lost 5 lbs. Thank you side effects of the Whole 30. I know you're not supposed to look at the scale during the 30 days, but when you're not doing it for the purpose of weight loss and you need some motivation... we all know what a big deal 5 lbs is. 

3. Spent some time with a lovely couple on Tuesday evening. I've been blessed to have had them in my life. Truly wonderful people. Encouraged that when going through life's challenges to "Get back to Basics." One of them later sent me this..which I screen shot for future reference. Hope it resonates with you as much as it did me. 

4. Had orientation last night for the Writing Program that I'll be a part of for a few weeks in June. It was at my Alma Mater and it was mostly fun. Met some great people, but also met some bishes. Like okay, you two... be snarky and turn your nose up up me because I don't teach at your Elementary School. We live in the same city and can save money carpooling. #rudepeoplesuck. It's really not hard to be nice. Aside from that not being fun, the dinner was catered by my favorite pizza place in Murray. Not only did they have pizza, but they had cheesy bread and their signature breadsticks with their special sauce... It was torture. 

Thank heavens they had salad, but since it was covered with finely shredded fresh cheese, I could only salvage a few pieces of lettuce for dinner.. yum. I'm not sure how the Naked & Afraid people survive practically starving. I felt horrible until I could get home (9pm) and nom on something. 

5. Not sure when the current occupants will be out of my house, but I could potentially be starting to  move in 17 days. Which, hallejah, because at my current place ('s a shithole, and I mean that with love, nestled next to a drug house...) the overhead light/fan in my bedroom hasn't worked since December (the land lady never got around to getting it fixed...the AC has gone out ('s starting to get hot) and the specialty light in the only bathroom has gone out...I refuse to pay to fix any of the issues, so I will be like MacGuyver or McGruber (whatever your generation knows) infused with some Tim Gunn and, "Make it Work." So here's me making it work... 

I know... it's pretty wretched.. but hey, it's cost effective and practical. #winning

I am SO ready to move. 

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  1. I get so cranky when I get hungry. I don't know how the people on those shows do it either!

  2. OMGosh I don't blame you for being ready to move! How can your landlord just NOT fix that stuff?!?! I'm so sorry that you're dealing with that. I hope you can move into your new home oh so soon!