Monday, May 5, 2014

The Great Gatsby.. post prom Recap and my Love for F. Scott Fitzgerald

Believe or not.. behind the shadow people is one of several trophy cases... love the innovative decor!
 This past weekend was Prom at the high school where I work. Teachers are required to chaperone a dance, and I like to play dress-up, so naturally prom is my dance of choice. This year was exceptionally fun because it was themed... with my favorite theme too... Great Gatsby. Like... I can't even truly quantify into words my love for the era.. The parties...the clothes... the jewels... everything. And it's not Truth Tuesday... but truth... my future wedding will have some Gatsby inspiration.

First off... The front of the school had vintage cars parked around the loop. 
Kiki la Rue and I couldn't help but pose.. 

Let's check out some of the decor shall we... 

This was the entrance into the Cafeteria..
How adorable is the savory snack area? Too bad I couldn't eat any of it. #whole30probs
Kiki la Rue and I...again... the struggle was real with the sweets table... 

The night was a lot of fun, especially the entertainment provided by the lack of dancing skills... bahahaha.. if you're curious please visit the video on my Instagram. 

I love an excuse to dress-up and visiting the Costume Shop with a bestie, provided an afternoon full of much needed laughs. I thought that it was going to be really expensive to rent a costume and wig, but $50 was well worth it go back nearly...ew... literally nearly a century.

For those that haven't read The Great Gatsby... you should... but if you aren't much of reader or don't have a whole lot of time, the movie version with Leo has an AWESOME soundtrack and it's really quite good. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald was brilliant and quite the romantic.. he had a way with words.. no wonder he and Zelda shared a love like theirs.. I leave you with a few of his quotes that I adore.. that add a flutter to my heart and smile to my soul. #swoon


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  1. Yessssss love love love love The Great Gatsby {but more than I <3 you}

    1. Yeah, that was supposed to say {but NOT more than I <3 you}
      Good grief.

  2. Love the idea of dressing up for prom!