Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Truth Tuesday: Geeking Out

I'm a medical nerd. Like... I love learning about the human body and one of my favorite video games was a surgery simulator of sorts. I would be tickled to death to do a realistic simulator and I would probably have a coronary due to the excitement of getting an opportunity to watch a surgery. #nerdalert 

Last year, I went on a field trip to a Cadaver Lab at a Chiropractic College in St.Louis. It was one of the coolest things ever. My only complaint..well, actually there are two... is that of course, the smell of the bodies was unpleasant and the fact that kids kept dropping like flies, and of course, I was responsible for taking them out to either puke or lie down... Basically, once I got use to the smell, I had to evacuate a kid...which meant I then had to reintroduce the smell multiple times, but more importantly, I was missing some quality time with the body.. This might be grossing some of you out.. but the human body..really is quite cool..especially getting a closer look on the inside. 

I went to the Bodies Exhibit too, back in San Diego in 08' and I'd love to go again - love this kind of stuff. 

I was Pre-Med in college for a hot minute at my Alma Mater and contemplated joining the military to get my med school paid for. Needless to say, the thought of wearing a uniform or being in school for like 7 years made me change my mind. When I graduated, I had applied and was accepted into the Accelerated Nursing Program at Bellarmine University in Louisville. Instead, I chose to put it on the back burner to trek to California to pursue the other passion on the forefront of my soul: Event Planning. 

So, Anyways... what prompted this week's truth was an experience last week. The same teacher, and also a good friend (who I chaperoned the Cadaver trip for and judged cat brains for)  was having her students perform autopsies on fetal pigs. So...naturally... I put on some gloves and tried my hand at closing up Wilbur with a few stitches. One of my favorite former students captured it on video and it makes me giggle every time I watch it... I am basically geeking out loud while half the class is taking a final. Pardon my excitement. Oops. 
Meet Wilbur
Not even going to lie.. It was one of the coolest things... #geekingout
I know you paused a moment over the cat brains. Let me give you the short version: 

Last year, the Anatomy class dissected cats. Hard for me, in a sense, because I'm a cat lover and they had been shaved and I want a hairless cat... but the duo who dissected the cat brain the cleanest received extra credit, which is like the Holy Grail in her class. [cue angels singing] To alleviate bias, she passed the judging torch to me and I was like YEAH! Let me judge some cat brains and then as I was judging I'm like... Soooo cool. Wait.. this is gross. Oh my..this is what Tiptoe's brain looks like? ew.. Oh, you know it's bigger than I thought.. Holy Shit.. I AM holding a cat brain.. You've cat to be kitten me. This is cool.

Clearly, I am excited over the brains.. Judge me all you want, but I'm a closet geek. 
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  1. Love this post! Not trying to make things weird or anything but after reading this I realized how similar we are...anatomy geeks, nursing school unite! (sorry, I had to) You're amazing.

    P.S. Love the pictures. I did that once in high school with a pig, it was soo cool!