Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Truth Tuesday - It's all about the Food...

At this point, I am six days into the Whole 30 diet.. basically I can't have wheat, gluten, grains, soy, legumes, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners or alcohol.

I'm a foodie.. so I'm not going to lie.. this diet is hard. You can't exactly wing it and you've definitely got to be committed. I can't tell you how bad I want to cheat, like... it's a daily struggle...especially because when I'm sad or overwhelmed, a Starbucks is just what I need to perk up.

Today it's going to be food related...
  • I prefer to eat my food one type at a time.. I'm well aware that it all mixes anyway.. but I prefer to eat all of one thing on my plate before moving on to the next. I'm getting better about about this, but it's still a food quirk. 
  • I like mayonnaise with my fries... I know it's gross.. but I won't apologize... I love it and would choose mayo over ketchup every time... well... unless they are steak fries and malt vinegar is involved..  
  • The Melting Pot is my favorite restaurant.. I enjoy the experience... fondue and their Curryaki sauce I could eat by the spoonful. 
  • I don't care for spicy food...at all.. in fact, the littlest bit of spice makes my mouth feel like the flaming pits of hell. 
  • Water tastes gross.. like people are like, "It doesn't taste like anything.." Um... yes it does. It tastes like water and it's gross. 
  • I HATE mint... I've gotten to the point where I can tolerate certain toothpastes, mouthwashes and some gums... but I reallllllly hate mint... especially peppermint...spearmint...wintergreen... like you name it, I can smell it a mile away... #HATE
  • When it's on my plate, I really like to put maple syrup on my pot roast. Judge me if you want... but if you tried you might like it too.
  • I'm not that big of a fan of peanut butter... but I love peanut butter M & M's.. especially when I'm grouchy.. and the peanut butter & jelly milkshake (PB & Strawberry) at Sonic is DELICIOUS.   
Needless to say, I miss non-whole 30 food, Starbucks, non-whole 30 food, Starbucks, non-whole 30 food..

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  1. Peanut butter is a staple in my life. I'm sure I could live without it if I tried, but I'm also sure I don't want to try.