Monday, May 19, 2014

Wanderlust in the Continental US

I poached this image from the internet.. Totally captures the essence of my insane desire to see more of this world. Came from Ludlow & Co. 
I love to travel - domestic or really doesn't matter. Exploring new places, taking in the sights, sounds, TASTES and smells is exhilarating...And although not Truth Tuesday yet...True Story... I considered being a flight attendant for a hot minute because of the travel perks... 

I'm mentioned once or twice about taking a group of students on an International Trip in June 2015. We will be going to London, England and Paris, France. Kiki la Rue and I will also get to go on an International trip this November 7th - 11th,  to help us get ready for that Summer trip. 20% of our time will be spent doing professional stuff... but then 80% of our time will be spent touring Rome for three days. I've already been to Rome (keep reading...) but I'm very excited to be go back and experience it again...especially the food. 

I spent 3 weeks eating my way  traveling through Italy in 2006  with my parents and best friend, Ashley. It was unbelievable. I remember having tears in my eyes at the Coliseum and in Venice. Venice is like a story book... so surreal. Speaking the language (minimally... I didn't study it that much...)with the country's natives made me feel like a bad ass and was a really great way to immerse myself into the culture. We were there at the same time that Italy won the FIFA World Cup... it was insanity.

Five years later, I would spend a month on the Japanese Island of Okinawa. I went and spent some time with my brother (he flies helicopters for the Marine Corps) and did things that I never thought that I would do. I went  river trekking and ending up standing beneath a waterfall. The experience was amazing and some of the sights literally took my breath away. I also completed a ropes course with zip lining and other obstacles..I'm yearning to do something like that again... I look back and am amazed at the courage I needed to face some of those obstacles...

So, let's talk about the 5-ish places in the Continental US that are on my list of places to go right now.. hopefully, within the next 5 years.

1. I was born in Connecticut and definitely have a love for the New England part of America (although, not the Patriots.. Please don't confuse me with being a fan.) I want to see the Fall Foliage... and I'd love to go to Boston... or Maine.

2. I want to see the Grand Canyon..specifically...I want to walk out on that frightening platform...(with nothing underneath..GAH)

3. I'd love to visit Washington State (I'd like to see Seattle!) and Oregon. In Oregon, I'd love to see the Mulnomah Falls and the Port of Astoria.


4. I'd like to go camping at the Redwood Forest in Cali and at Yellowstone National Park... see Old Faithful and summon up some courage to go white water rafting.

 5. I've been to New Orleans... but didn't get to explore like I would have liked. I'm kind of a closet nerd... and would really enjoy a cemetery tour... something voo doo/ghost related perhaps and I'd like to see some of the Antebellum homes. I would also like to take a swamp tour, specifically to hold a baby alligator.. And I didn't get to eat any beignets... so I've got to get some of those in my belly too.

If I was wealthy, I know in a heartbeat that I would want to spend money exploring the world, ideally with people that I love the most. Traveling is an experience that allows you to create memories that last longer than the newest innovative product on the market.. I would choose experiences over material anyday... although, I won't lie.. I do like meaningful presents in the form of jewelry. #noshame and while I do like the beach, these days I want to go to places where I can sight-see and explore versus drinking a colorful beverage with an umbrella in it for 4 days in a row under a cabana. (Disclaimer: Not knocking the beach... I will happily go to the beach for a getaway...just stating my preference to see more of this beautiful, beautiful world..) 

Where does your wanderlust take you?

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  1. #2, #4 and #5 are all places I want to go as well. There is SO much in our own country to see that I think is often overlooked for international travel. (which is great as well, don't get me wrong!) Plus, it's a whole lot cheaper :)

  2. Gosh darnit. How about we win the lottery and just GO?! Thank you for not helping me concentrate today. ;)