Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Moving and Shaking Edition

Love the Here and Now

So, the time is just about finally here and Thank the Lord. My apartment is like an early glimpse of hell and with no working fan in my bedroom, the past few days have been pretty hot, I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room underneath the ceiling fan. I need a cool, crisp 65 degrees in my comfy bed. 5 More Nights. I'm excited and a little scared. This is such a big step. I don't know what my future holds or even how long I plan on staying in Paducah, but in the meantime, I'll be excited to have a place that I love and where I can entertain family and friends. I'm thinking of doing a little wine & cheese or wine & dessert housewarming party once I've gotten settled in. So, so, so many things to look forward to, they far outweigh the uncertainty that I'm feeling about moving. 

So, here's what I'm wishing...

1. I wish for continued productivity in packing up. It's a struggle with no freakin' AC in my apt, but I've packed quite a bit, gotten rid of a lot and it feels so good to be taking the time and purge shit. A big thanks to Kiki La Rue for helping me tackle the bedroom! It's making me excited about having a new space where everything has it's place. Organized future? Yes, please #WannabeDomesticGoddess

2. I really hope this whole move is smooth sailing. The last few moves have NIGHTMARES. Perks of being a military kid, people come and pack your shiz... Oh, to go back... 

3. Mother Nature... please don't rain on my moving parade. I promise I will dance in the rain one day next week, just not Sunday for the small stuff or Monday for my furniture. I'm dealing with no AC and you being all hot and feisty please, please, please be sweet to me for my move.

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  1. Exciting times ahead for you....I wish cool temps on you too....nothing worse than doing manual lob or in the heat and humidity. I hope you will do a virtual tour of your new home for us!

  2. Ugh we moved once in the rain and it was AWFUL!!! I'll use my Cherokee blood and do an Indian non-rain dance for you ;)

  3. Packing is THE WORST. But moving to a new place? That is THE BEST! Good luck in your packing and new adventures!

  4. There is nothing worse than being too warm to sleep! I even sleep with my fan on in the winter sometimes.