Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Volume II

Love the Here and Now

Well.. here's to Day Two of alliterative topics (And holy crap... like blog post central for LUMUHAND this week...) and like last week, I'm linking up with Anne from Love the Here and Now. Going "Back to Basics" is the theme of my life right now and literally her blog title, loving the here and now, is becoming my mantra. I can't waste time anymore on the "What ifs" or the "What was." I've got to focus on the "What is" or the "What will be in the next few days or weeks."

This week is the start of standardized testing, and for the grades that test [insert stress for teachers]. For some reason, the accountability rests on our shoulders and not on the students, first wish is that students be held more accountable... Like if a little shit sweet student wants to put their head down on their desk, bubble in only C and not care ever why should I be held responsible? #rantover

Wish #2 is that Mother Nature not get too warmed up until I move. My AC is out since my nocturnal preferences are for a cool, crisp 65 or 68 degree bedroom... This no AC thing, is not okay. I'm not quite miserable at night....yet.. and I'd be a lot happier if my light/fan worked (it hasn't since December.. lazy landlady... ) but it doesn't, so Mother Nature....please be sweet to me.

I don't want to wish for the same things as before, although all of them still apply especially positivity for sweet Melzie... so...

Wish #3 is for her continued strength and mine in all areas of my life where I need it (and there are several) as well as anyone else in need of an extra ounce of strength these days..  Day 14 of the diet is today. I'm so proud of myself for not giving in to the intense cravings desire of Starbucks or non-compliant Whole 30 nom nom (which I struggle with on the daily, yo) That strength will definitely be needed tomorrow, so I don't cave. Birthday treats will have to be postponed.

I ought to warn you that next week, my wishes will either reflect my wanderlust or will be more materialistic in nature. I'm human. #sorrynotsorry

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  1. Thank you for joining us!! I love that you're embracing the here and now; me too! Hence the blog name ;) Please do not even get me started on standardized testing. My husband is a teacher and I think it's asinine that He and all teachers are to be held responsible for the results. I actually opted my two youngest kids out of the state tests in April. They're not going to be used as the guinea pigs in a flawed system. #steppingdownfrommysoapbox I hope you have a great day!

  2. Thanks for linking up this week with Anne and I! My kids arent in school yet but I hear the same thing from my teach friends. Enjoy your weekend!