Monday, June 16, 2014

Is Fear a Factor for You?

Kiki La Rue and I in the Swag Room at Project Graduation..I really didn't realize how short I look next to her.. and I'm wearing wedges.. #ShesAnAmazonian
Geeze...It's been embarrassingly long since I last posted.. Things have just been so busy with moving and with the Purchase Area Writing Project - I mean... where do I even begin to get caught up on this crazy life of mine?

 I suppose I'll start where I left off... 5 on Friday before Closing Day of School (Oh, hello...Summer #perksofbeingateacher) which means this post is all about Project Graduation where Kiki La Rue and I helped with the Fear Factor portion of the evening..or should I say early morning... so...without further adieu, here's me with a Boa Constrictor.

Yeah... I'm cool with snakes.. I mean.. I don't want a poisonous one to like lunge at me with razor sharp fangs or anything... I also learned that male snakes have penises.. #uselessfact
And here is an example is one of the kids and their registration cards that reveal their fears... and yes.. this child did mean his manhood region.. and the clarification of his fear was completed by his mother...

Some of the individual activities with Fear Factor involved eating the Harry Potter Jelly Beans which includes unpleasant flavors like vomit, boogers, earwax, dirt etc. They sound gross because they are gross. Then we have a toilet that has unsweetened lemonade in it, along with chocolate smears on the seat.... clearly, the theme here is gross... Then we have the principal kissing a cow head and Kiki La Rue trying out the coffin (yes it closed... thank goodness we both wore glow in the dark shirts...)


Here's where the night got interesting... I attempted to overcome my fear of spiders... basically a fail... specifically with a tarantula.. If you would like a good laugh It'll only take 3 minutes of your life, tops... I invite you to view my attempts...caught on camera by none other than Kiki La Rue.  

Attempt #1
I psyched myself out on the first attempt... like really people.. I am terrified of spiders... let's recall my thoughts on this with this past post... so here's another equally funny brief failed attempt...

And third time is a charm...

Successful Attempt #3  #thefearisreal
Am I over my fear of spiders? Hell No..that shit is more real now than ever... And Lady.. "it feel's like a rodent's hair" my ass.. it's tarantula leg hair... I mean the side of my new home is like a sanctuary for daddy long legs and I currently own three bottles of spider assassin spray... Fear will ALWAYS be a factor for me when it comes to them.. 


I've come to the realization in other areas in my life, and perhaps you can infuse this idea in your own life whatever it may be that has you fearful if we put the fear on the shelf, even if only for a moment, once it's out of the picture we're able to kind of get some perspective on things. We're able to get back to the basics and see things a little more clearer... in some small sense, it's like we're able to take the reins and get in control of something that in itself feels uncontrollable. 

Perhaps fear is only a factor, if we make it one. 

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  1. I'm your blog stalker and you are about to have a real fear of me if we don't set up a date soon! Because I will then become your real life stalker! Make it happen. :)

  2. Proud that you at least tried to face your fear