Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wednesday Wishes - Strictly This Week's Edition


It's been a few weeks since I linked up with sweet Anne over at Love the Here and Now. But since I'm back to blogging, it's only appropriate that I get back to business..so let's #keepcalmandlinkon shall we? and I suppose I'll be realistic with my wishes this week, although realistically I do wish that money grew on trees.. I would convert my whole casa into a green house full of those currency yielding plants.

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday, and I missed Truth Tuesdays to admit this fact...but I am not a fan of the dentist. I had a really horrible experience a while back and it has caused an aversion... but now I'm afraid of cavities and shiz, so I'm sucking it up and going.. Luckily, I'm part of the Murder Mystery Troupe with the dentist I'll be going to.. and the man in the Hawaiian lei is hilarious.. here's a selfie he took with another co-star on my phone during our last show together.

 I pretty much adore him and I know he'll put me at ease with my dentist anxiety... Side note: Did you know that in Elizabethan England people went to the dentist and it was a deadly decision...like primitive tools with no anesthesia..loss of blood = RIP.. dentists  would also pull teeth and try to replace them with cadaver teeth, random homeless people teeth or animal teeth #nerdalert #ew

So, Wish #1 would be to please not have any cavities... but if I have to have any, please let the number not be divisible by 2 or 3. 

Cheer Camp starts on Thursday.. I'm not sure how it is in other states but in KY there are two weeks where you basically have NO to minimal contact with your student athletes and they can't officially convene for conditioning/practice/competition...it's called "dead period." Needless to say, I have been missing my cheer babies like crazy and can't wait to have contact back. Our private cheer camp starts on Thursday with former University of Kentucky cheerleaders, and I just can't wait to be with my girls again #coachingprobs

So, Wish #2 would be for my sweet cheer babies to work hard and get a lot out of their 3-day camp sans injuries and a Niagara Falls of tears. 

Albeit not by choice, it's no secret that I'm single again and truthfully, I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss Bombay, I really do, but ain't nobody got time to sit around and wallow. I'm definitely not ready to jump into another relationship; so right now, I'm focusing on myself and am enjoying life, getting my flirt on and am doing things like... going out on blind dates...like...tomorrow, but it's not a traditional blind date, since I vaguely remember him from college..so, it's not technically "blind" since he was part of Greek Life too at Murray and we've had a few convos via text. We can still classify it as such, right?

So, yeah... Wish #3 is that the evening is enjoyable, with delicious food (which I'm banking on..I think we're going to one of my favorite restaurants, Shandies... Their bacon gouda meatloaf is the shiz) and some good company. Oh, and that he's not a creeper.. you never know with some people.

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Postmortem of a JAM-PACKED June

Bestie Night spent in Bruno Mars' Moonshine Jungle #swoon #GirlsWeekend2014
For those of you visiting the blog on the regular, I apologize for not updating in a timely manner. Thank you Mom and Gramman for the daily harassment reminders. This summer has been, schedule-wise, insanity. Honestly, I've been overwhelmed and haven't made found much time to blog, especially since June's month-long writing class had me writing for like 5 hours a day...Needless to say, this gal was burnt out with the written word.

With class ending, although I've been busy with setting up the new place (home tour coming soon), I have a bit of a breather before the next influx of scheduled commitments.

Without further adieu, let me give you a recap of what I was up to the month of June, complete with some serious photo dumping.
  • The first week, I moved from a crappy apartment nestled next to a crack house, to my first impulsively purchased home. The next week, I plowed my Escape right smack into a fire hydrant. Fire hydrant - 1 Rear Bumper - 0
  • The second weekend I headed to my Mom and Aunt's Tea Room where I helped out with a bridal shower. While there during some shower down time, my Aunt taught me how to make scones. 

Lesson of the Day? Salted Caramel Scones with Caramel Clotted Cream
  • The next weekend had me trekking to St. Louis, Melzie's old stomping ground, where I hopped on a plan to Minneapolis for Girls' Weekend 2014 with my Besties: Bri, Christin and Kali. There I experienced the Mall of America, delicious food, spooning with Mama, an epic foam party at an iconic Gay nightclub, and Bruno Mars. 
It's food choices were impressive, no sales tax on clothing was appreciated, the amusement park inspired some awe. It was really cool, but the Mall itself is like a super-sized version of a mall.
Bri, goes by Mama Sieberg and the Amazonian literally has legs for days.

Dinner, night #1. A $50 meal.. YIKES.. but the food itself and being in the company of my spread out besties was priceless.

 Let's talk about this epic foam party at Gay 90's... literally..that's the name of the club.
     The foam was taller than I was, as you can see. It was insanity, but oh so fun. 

    We danced for hours on the go-go platforms, on the stage and in the middle of the dance floor, most of the time sans shoes...gross, I know.. but whatever.

    What was even more fun though, was the next morning...Before we had the chance to share the nocturnal activities, Christin's husband already knew where we'd been, all thanks to their credit card company for contacting him regarding suspicious transactions with the business name of "Gay 90's" and the power of Google. 
    Back to the aforementioned edible deliciousness..

    I am a brunch lover, as is Christin, so we hit up a local place and were greeted with this GINORMOUS cinnamon roll, gratis. The food is served family style.. and it was so good.. If you look close, you can also see the demolished cinnamon roll..

    Day #2...We didn't realize the full-length mirror was hiding in the closet. We were excited to manage a photo of all of us, including Christin's two heads. #groupselfieprobs

    Day #2 Hotel Bar - post Bruno
    I think Mama said it best, when she found a posted picture of Bruno, followed by a comment saying, "I would Gorilla the shiz out of him.." This is the 2nd time I've seen Bruno in concert as part of his Moonshine Jungle tour.. the 5'5 Hawaiian is swoon-worthy. He has swagger for days, a dreamy voice and point blank, is an incredible performer. Yes, there's some lights at his show... as you can see.. but it's basically him and his band entertaining you for 90 minutes... like.. I'm sad it's over... for the 2nd time. It's been several weeks and I'm still hungover from Bruno..

  • Then the following weekend I traveled 402 miles from Paducah to Kansas City, MO for Kate's wedding. I got in on Friday, just in time for Mani's & Pedi's. After a little pampering, we got ready for her bachelorette party, where we donned wigs for the festive occasion. I rocked a sassy light pink bob with glow-and-the-dark highlights. Had an absolute blast dropping it like it's hot at a club, singing along at a Dueling Piano Bar (Round 2 - we also went to one in Minneapolis. I love them!) and accompanying a street performer in an acoustic rendition of John Legend's "All of Me." 
  • Celebratory shots tend to accompany festivities like these.. won't argue with a gift from the bartender. Glad we got a picture before, because the after faces were like #bleck
    My altar-ego for the night was Salem, from Yorkshire, England. We all decided to go with accents, which you used sporadically during the evening. The purple hair Bride-to-be, Kate, had a killer Russian accent.
    Dueling Piano Barring it Up - Brittany, Kate and I
         Saturday was the rehearsal followed by the wedding on Sunday afternoon. It was hot as hell..  
         like here's a glimpse of the Satan's lair, so you might want to change your ways hot.

The Beautiful Bride and her Ladies in Waiting
         Kate and her beau, Steve, wrote their own vows, which were sweet and funny and just so
         adorably heartfelt.   If and when I ever get hitched, I will definitely want to pen my own vows. 

          Although she wasn't completely sold on her programs, there were some definite issues...like  
            people in the wrong places, misspelled names, etc... kind of issues she had them illustrated by an Etsy
          seller and issues aside, they were still cute. 

         It probably was the snuggling with my bestie, Kate, on the eve of her nuptials, but I woke up
         on the morning of the wedding feeling like P. Diddy because I rapped my Maid of Honor
         speech, complete with swagger and sass. I will definitely share the epic performance, once the
         videographer sends me that snippet of the wedding video.

         The table decor included some DIYed gold glittered wine bottles, so naturally I stole a few, more 
            like a dozen, and they now call my living room mantle their home. For those wanting to call out "Thief," 
           I did verbalize that I wanted to steal some of the bottles for some home decor, and it was the action was approved. 

A little sneak peek of part of my mantle.. I am literally swooning over my new place. Can't wait to share it with you!
          I had such an amazing weekend surrounded by love and celebrating the union of Steve and
        Kate. I met some wonderful people and enjoyed reuniting with others, which... and #blush..
          I'll remain coy on a certain little gesture of sweetness that involved my lips and the lips of the wedded couple's 
          inadvertent matchmaker.. Long story short, Kate and her former roommate were pranksters and Kate left her
          Plenty of Fish profile up one day... so Ryan sent messages to her Top 10 matches and then deleted the evidence.. 
          who knew a "Hi" with a smiley would lead to an "I Do." 
  • I spent the last 2 days of June recovering from the whirlwind back-to-back trips, by binge watching Season 2 of Orange is The New Black. Having to wait an entire year for Season 3 could be classified as cruel & unusual punishment on so many levels.
Sorry to be a verbose, photo dumper, but um yeah...That was my June in a nutshell, add in class from 9am - 3:30 everyday.. My July will be spent in this zipcode, with the exception of a weekend trip to Oxford, Mississippi and then one last trek to Gramman's for a visit, along with Cookie's birthday festivities and a haircut before school starts... uugh.. which is in a month... #teacherprobs

Is it just me or is summer just going by way too fast?

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