Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alphabetical Advice

For those that read my blog regularly (sorry, I've been slacking lately.. I am trying to begetter about organizing my life... #fail) I was really excited about being able to teach a Creative Writing class. The kids that are occupying my classroom real estate have stories to tell.. many of them have explored their vulnerability in the pages of their notebooks, and have even given those words a voice by reading aloud in class... It's been a pretty powerful experience...

Anyways... one of their assignments was Alphabetical Advice, where they had to give advice either in general, on a certain topic or to a certain group of people.. and I thought I'd share mine..

Ambition is an aphrodisiac.
Be a Limited Edition.
Choose Happiness.
Don't settle for less than you deserve.
Embrace change.
Flexibility is key.
Give yourself the chance to fail.
Heart-to-Hearts with your besties are essential.
Ice Cream for dinner is acceptable.
Jogging burns calories. It's okay to eat a cupcake.
Keep it real. Authenticity is hard to find.
"Let it Marinate"  --> This is a make-up tip from drag queens.. it refers to letting your foundation sit before you powder. 
Make No excuses.
Never put your happiness into another person.
Open your heart to new possibilities.
Perfect boys only exist in movies or in the pages of a book.
Queen status. Princess status is for little girls, not sophisticated women.
Reward yourself.
Starbucks cures everything.
Tears can be cleansing..but be warned, too much makes you look like Quesimodo.
Understand the value of your self-worth.
Vulnerability is scary. Be brave and do it anyway.
Who cares what anyone else thinks?
Xanthippes are not good role models..   Note: A xanthippe is pronounced "San-thip-pee". It's like a shrew or a nagging wife. 
YOLO should never come out of the mouth of someone you date, after the age of 23.
Zero in on your goals.

What would your alphabetical advice be?

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's been too long.... way too long...

Where, oh where, do I even begin? Clearly, it's been way too long. 

Since my last post, I trekked to Oxford, MS to Ole Miss with Kiki La Rue for a conference. The land of Hotty Toddy, which let me be the first to tell you... it's not a dance move... While there we hit up a Goodwill and it was a gold mine - filled some fabulous finds.. I scored a fantastic Oscar de la Renta blazer for $5. People in Oxford know how to dress... here's an example from the uber stylish doctoral student that set up the conference... like... he had a tiny flower lapel with it's own little water vase thing...


One of the events at the conference was a reading at an eclectic bookstore..which, confession.. I love the smell of books.. I wish I had more time to read. 

No caption needed.
I love a cleverly packaged gum. My favorite of the bunch? The Supermodel Meal. 

For 2 weeks, Kiki La Rue got our inner band geek on, by working our tails off as color guard instructors for the Marching Band.. luckily, there was a cold front, so it didn't give anyone an early taste of the devil's fiery lair..although some of those kiddos, definitely need to start changing their ways... I also found out, that on top of having Rosacea, I am essentially allergic to the sun's UV rays. I was diagnosed with Polymorphic Light Eruption Syndrome.. so, yeah.. perhaps, why I've been unlucky in love lately. Clearly, I need to find a vampire to date. I'll blog more about that later (not dating vampires, the sun allergy..)

My last weekend before school started, I trekked to Elizabethtown/Louisville where I surprised Mom and had tea at the tearoom with Gramman before celebrating one of my best friend's "Dirty 30" birthday. There's whole separate post to come on that, but we embarked on a Taste of Louisville tour and had so much FUN. I must confess though, that although I am a fan of Louisville, I do not particularly care for Bourbon.. In fact, here's my reaction with the birthday girl, Alex. 

Sipping Bourbon, anyone?
Yeah... not really our thing... Pretty gross, actually. I'm almost positive that it made my esophagus grew hair.  
School snuck up on us, and before we knew it, Summer was officially over and we were back to the  daily grind. Kids started back last Wednesday and we were out of school on Friday...  Truthfully, I had no idea why were out.. Friday was apparently the date of the Emancipation... and I thought my sweet African-American kiddos were playing a joke on me.. like I've lived in a lot of places and this "holiday" was a first... I honestly thought it was to give students time to get school supplies.. yeah, no.. Paducah celebrates the Emancipation with a holiday... #teacherfail

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