Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alphabetical Advice

For those that read my blog regularly (sorry, I've been slacking lately.. I am trying to begetter about organizing my life... #fail) I was really excited about being able to teach a Creative Writing class. The kids that are occupying my classroom real estate have stories to tell.. many of them have explored their vulnerability in the pages of their notebooks, and have even given those words a voice by reading aloud in class... It's been a pretty powerful experience...

Anyways... one of their assignments was Alphabetical Advice, where they had to give advice either in general, on a certain topic or to a certain group of people.. and I thought I'd share mine..

Ambition is an aphrodisiac.
Be a Limited Edition.
Choose Happiness.
Don't settle for less than you deserve.
Embrace change.
Flexibility is key.
Give yourself the chance to fail.
Heart-to-Hearts with your besties are essential.
Ice Cream for dinner is acceptable.
Jogging burns calories. It's okay to eat a cupcake.
Keep it real. Authenticity is hard to find.
"Let it Marinate"  --> This is a make-up tip from drag queens.. it refers to letting your foundation sit before you powder. 
Make No excuses.
Never put your happiness into another person.
Open your heart to new possibilities.
Perfect boys only exist in movies or in the pages of a book.
Queen status. Princess status is for little girls, not sophisticated women.
Reward yourself.
Starbucks cures everything.
Tears can be cleansing..but be warned, too much makes you look like Quesimodo.
Understand the value of your self-worth.
Vulnerability is scary. Be brave and do it anyway.
Who cares what anyone else thinks?
Xanthippes are not good role models..   Note: A xanthippe is pronounced "San-thip-pee". It's like a shrew or a nagging wife. 
YOLO should never come out of the mouth of someone you date, after the age of 23.
Zero in on your goals.

What would your alphabetical advice be?

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  1. I love this idea! I'd love to borrow it if I may? I think teaching a creative writing class would be fun!