Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings

I'd like to start this post off with a letter...

Dear Monday, 

You are my least favorite day of the week. You basically crash my weekend party uninvited with a slap to the face. I do appreciate your gift of the complimentary all-day pass on the struggle bus. Rest assure, I am putting it to good use.

I don't love you. So, I'll choose to close with a Sincerely. 


My schedule is 50 shades of insanity these days... I am finding it hard to make time for me.. I miss blogging.. How can I make it more of priority into my hectic life? How do some of my favorite bloggers have the time to work or be amazing moms (or both), cook delicious food, post terrific

I know I need to cut back on my schedule... how do even you say "No"? I come from a please of "Yes" and I feel like "No" is a let-down... I have no problem telling my students, "No." In fact, I'm basically a professional at that..

In addition to a packed schedule, here are few things that are also on my NO BUENO list...

1. I cracked my iPhone screen on Thursday.. $95 later, it's fixed. Do me a favor, and go flush your toilet.. that was the sound that I heard in my head when my card was swiped. 

2. My favorite Starbucks that I go to (It's in the hospital of Lourdes Hospital) is closing on Saturday. The contract ran out and Starbucks chose not to renew, so now they are going to be a Coffee Beanery? Like, really? Cheapest form of therapy is that Starbucks, with those Baristas.

With all that negativity out of the way, here's a positive list on this less-than-desireable Monday. 

1. Mom and Gramman have been in town for the weekend. They leave tomorrow, but they are in route to school, as I type this with ,Chic-fila in tow for a lunch date.

2. Mom fixed my front door. She's like Macguyver. I haven't been able to lock-it for the past few weeks.. dangerous, I know.. don't remind me.. My story would have been a Made-for-TV lifetime movie. 

3. I made homemade mayo yesterday... One batch yielded me three flavors: garlic cilantro, old bay and curry. I'm planning on during the Whole 30 again, so this domestic accomplishment is going to spice my food options up for the next month.

4. Ombre hair part deux will be going bye bye on Saturday morning (The sun made it come back with a vengence). I'll also be getting a massage that afternoon and will be going to see Bruno Mars again on Saturday Night... Oh, how I love the Moonshine Jungle.

5. I've been selected to be a star with Paducah's "Dancing with Our Stars" event.. I blogged about attending the event here. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'll be taking ballroom classes, a routine will be choreographed for me and my dance partner and I'll spend the next 5 months mastering it. That's only 1/3 though, the other 2/3 is actually fundraising for the event (sponsorships, auction items, monetary donations). The event is Lourdes Hospital's Relay for Life team's fundraiser. Last year, they raised over $230k, making them one of the Top 4 Relay for Life teams in the the globe.

6. I bought some tulip bulbs, daffodils, some gardening gloves and a metal bulb planter... I'm planning on planting them... when? I'm not sure.. but it'll have to happen in the next few days.

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