Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Confessions of a Nauti girl.

Summer Time sailing on the Slow 'n' Easy....#KYlakelife
Turn your 50-shades-of-grey switch off... I'm referring to my affinity for all things Nautical... I mean...my Mom and Gramman read this blog...

Now, I know this isn't actually new information to those who have been dropping anchor to my sporadic postings here at LUMUHAND, but a post that takes a pier into the main bathroom, my new landscaping and my buoy, I mean boy, sure is.

Whale, as a sneak peek into my home sweet home, my poopdeck main bathroom is decorated with a nautical theme... I literally can not help it, I am attracted to anchors and such, like southern gals are attracted to monograms, chevron and sweet tea. I mean how cute is this boat shelf... I couldn't resist. 

Behind the Toilet Storage
Sink area... what you can't sea very whale is a compass shower curtain with sailor knot shower rings.. and a chevon rug...
As some of you might recall, my 30th birthday present was some front landscaping. Big Thanks to Mom & Dad, my sweet Gramman, my Uncle Ben and Kiki La Rue for making this nautical feature come to life... We delayed installation for weather purposes, but ended up laboring in 90 degree heat... Totally the perfect weather for a girl allergic to sunlight and yard work.

So the landscaping dream started with a "Mom, I'd like to do nautical theme landscaping" and ended with the front entrance of my home being a total nod to my roots and what I love. It's not for everyone, but I like it, so that's really all that matters. 

Here's the before.. and after a huge in process photo dump, I'll reveal the after.
Front yard.. all mulched and full of vegetation that served as an all-you-can-eat buffet for my pet deer living in the adjoining wooded area.
I needed a boat... so sweet talked the Ag teacher into getting some of his Ag boys to build me one... Meet my boat... The Cat's Meow

Boat Before
Kiki La Rue officially naming the The Cat's Meow... 
I use to have mulch, but I opted for gravel... That whole OARdeal was a mess, literally and figuratively. Also, the only way I like to get that muddy is if it's on porpoise... like if I'm getting a spa treatment or running in a mud run.

Can't have your own pier if you don't have some pylons... 
Knot even kidding, my Mom was really committed to the overall theme... and as you can sea, she can tie a nice knot
The compass on the side of the house now isn't so lonely anymore. Underneath, are painted signal flags that spell out LUMUHAND. As if my wrist isn't a reminder enough, every time I come home I'm reminded of my Grandad. There's also a whale that has my longitude/latitude coordinates, a pelican in the corner, and a dolphin feature in a pool of blue/green glass rocks.

 I wielded some power tools like a DIY badass to create my destination focal point... 

And here's the AFTER... 

I haven't foregot and it's too late to bow out now... My current bay? Whale.... he happens to be a nauti buoy, with blue eyes like the sea, who loves the lake life...  See how my affinity for all things nautical is making waves in other aspects of my life? 

He may sail into some future posts, but in the meantime... 

Meet Bay.

St. John = 1,940 miles from Paducah

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm just going to put this out there...

I love breakfast...and at any hour of the day... whether it's early morning, mid-morning, late-morning or breakfast for dinner... I simply love breakfast.

It only makes sense that I have besties, like Christin, that plan festivals in Memphis like BreakFest, supporting Breakfast...you won't want to miss it this September 26th.. and I have Kiki La Rue who keeps my love for breakfast real, so real in fact, with her shared recipe for the finest homemade buttermilk pancakes...and I'd like to think that a certain hotcake would agree with this statement. 

Meet Hotcake. Btw, I'm totally the better pancake flipper....
If I absolutely had to come up with a top 5 6 breakfast menu choice, I'd go with the following:
1. Eggs Benedict...any which way, but preferably the Crab Cake version.

2. French Toast... my Grandad taught me the secret to the perfect french toast, which is a splash of vanilla extract.. His tastebuds gave me their seal of approval on this dish prior to his passing. What I wouldn't give to make that sweet man a helping. LUMUHAND, Grandad

3. Pancakes...... pumpkin are truly my favorite.

I couldn't resist a little screen shot... bahaha
So, I have to mention a little bit of a disclaimer. Hotcake and I made breakfast the other day... He was going to grab pancake mix, and of course me - in my attempt to continuing practicing my culinary domesticity - was like, let's do it from scratch.. I'd watched Kiki La Rue do it a myriad of times, so in my mind, I was like how hard could it really be, right? I was totally honest about this fact later on, but initially I might have insinuated I was this hardcore baking goddess... [insert appropriate emoji here] 

You see, the problem with baking is that you have to follow recipes to a T... and I have like recipe ADD... so I'm much better when I can be a little bit of a rebel with a recipe, which is why cooking tends to work out a little better than baking... I would like to note though that I pulled a McGuyver move when we were a cup shy of buttermilk, the key ingredient... Google came in clutch.... 1 TBSP of vinegar, almost a cup of milk, stir that shiz and let it sit for 5 minutes.. Hotcake should think favorably of that display of ingenuity. 

4. Basically anything with a potato... like a hash? sure. Fried potatoes? yeah, I'll totally take those too.  

5. Egg scrambles infused with all sorts of heavenly goodness.  Like... I dislike peppers, and this is HUGE people, but I will totally eat an egg scramble with tiny peppers sautéed with onions and garlic... nomm.

6.  I'm a HUGE fan of chicken and waffles...I just can't not include that on the list.

I hope I didn't hurt the feelings of breakfast casseroles, or bowls of Lucky Charms, or cinnamon rolls. and Scotch eggs. I totally embrace them all... I mean I seriously, elfin' love breakfast... which is odd, because you'd think that I wouldn't want to skip it every school day morning... but for some reason, my bed holds me hostage until the last possible minute... One day perhaps, I'll re-prioritize and breakfast everyday will truly be bae.

So, I'm thinking that it's pretty much official, that I want need the shirt that reads "Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me" and that tonight's dinner menu consists of breakfast.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summertime Recap...

Considering that school has been in session for almost week, it's probably about time that I stop basking in the bliss of Summer, wrapping myself in the arms of summertime sadness instead... #teacherprobs

A few people have harassed asked me when I plan on getting back to the le blog, so to practice my Southernness... "Hey Ya'll. I'm back.

Before I get back in the blogging groove, let me do a recap of the Summer of '15. 

1. Kiki la Rue and I flew across the pond to London and Paris...I'll post about this separately. Here's an abridged photo dump in the meantime. 

Big Ben and the Thames via the London Eye

Harry Potter Studios.. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be a muggle. I totally have a magic that's all my own. #confidence 

The size of the lions at Trafalgar square really did freak me out. It was so far to the ground...  Quite comical, but I really was terrified to get this particular photo op.   #conqueryourfears #TravelingPhotoOpProbs
"Bottoms Up" to the water at the Roman Baths... What you don't see is how disgusting the water tasted. 

Because when a cheerleading coach goes to Stonehenge, she's got to be involved in a stunt.

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, MontmartreParis
2. I took a 2-week Literacy class... (sounds boring to non-teachers I know....) but it knocks off a course as part of a Doctoral program...my next academic pursuit... At some point in the future, I'd like to teach some undergraduate classes in Education. 

3. To keep on the scholastic side of things, I taught a Creative Writing course to a bunch of gifted middle schoolers for a week... That was interesting... it also confirmed that high school is definitely where I want to be, for now, teaching wise. 

4. Kiki la Rue left the nest and moved into a place of her own. I'm back to flying solo at my address. I miss her cat. #catlady4lyfe

5. Two weeks of band camp... with most of those days being 9am - 9pm... some of those days, the devil was literally giving us a taste of what Hell is like...110 heat index is totally not for me. 

6. Throw in some intensive cheer practices to serve as a mini-camp for the time being, workout dates with a trainer, a visit "home" for 4th of July, time spent with friends, an audition for next month's Farce at the community theater, some home DIY, prepping to go back to school...and a myriad of randomness here and there...

So yeah...that's been my summer. 

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Gallery Walls: Curating an Exhibit in Your Own Home

I have a thing for Gallery Walls, it's one of my favorite decor statements in my home...... It's like adorning a blank canvas with a myriad of things that capture your personality and the things you love. From quotes to whimsical figures and from DIY projects to faux doorknobs, the adventure of buying the wall decor to curate your gallery is just a bonus to housing the masterpiece in your home sweet home.

First... you start with a blank wall. 
Say Hello to my living room canvas and my anchor fan pull...

Curating your gallery could get pricey if you just go out one afternoon and purchase everything you think you might want. I suggest taking a bit of time, so that the pieces you put up really resonate with you. Hobby Lobby and Etsy are gold-mines of fun goodies, so are stores like TJ-Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Pier 1, Target, etc. You can also score fun things at thrift stores, Peddler's Malls, etc and repurpose them with a little DIY flair.  On my wall, I have empty frames with other items inside hung inside them, or with corks or flowers made out of a vintage dress pattern or scrapbook card stock. 
Here's an up close peek at some of my DIY items... 



Now, once you've gotten the amount of pieces that will give you a good head-start, a plan is pivotal to getting the look that you really want. I can't stress enough the importance of planning...

Once you've laid out your initial plan, start from the middle and then work outwards... I would also recommend that if you aren't the greatest at hanging things or if you want to stand back and make sure you get things where you want them, enlist someone else's assistance. 

I know I was an annoying project manager and it took us hours, but I really appreciate your help. Mom and Dad, you are hangers extraordinare.

Once you're finished, step back and appreciate your gallery wall.  
Thank you vaulted ceilings for adding a little heightened drama to my gallery wall. Note: My wall also originally ended at the lamp, but I recently added the the vertical key piece on the left, and the last column on the right. 
Truthfully, I would have multiple gallery walls if it wouldn't be overkill, as I'm always finding fantastic pieces that are gallery friendly. I still can't believe this exhibit is mine... #homesweethome

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here's how I really feel about turning 30...

The A-to-Z challenge made me realize that there are so many things I yearn to experience, to try, and more importantly to share (whether it be here on le blog or in the company of others).

For the longest time, I've been scared of turning 30 (It's happening 2 weeks from tomorrow). I mean the thought of leaving my 20's is a bit frightening, but if you consider my time in gestation, I'm already technically past 30, so I do find some comfort in that. Aside from everyone I love the most getting older and the anticipatory grief of them dying, I struggled for a while with the aftermath of failed relationships that tarnished my expectations of where I thought I would should be at this milestone in my life. I thought I would be married and have kids when I turned 30... so with each year of my 20's passing, I questioned if there was perhaps something wrong with me, lamented on being alone forever, yada yada...

But here I am, two weeks from turning 30 and I realize that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. Truthfully, I'm thankful for unanswered prayers and that I didn't get what I thought that I deserved. I'm not jaded by any means, perfection doesn't exist, so I'm not holding out for that, but I'm not going to settle for someone that isn't a perfect for me just for the sake of meeting a item on an agenda that shouldn't be there in the first place.

At this stage in my life, I feel quite lucky that I get another opportunity to fall in love again with the right person and I'm in no rush. When it's meant to happen it will. In the meantime, I'm blessed with all that I have. Two weeks shy of 30: I own a home; have no credit card debt; paid off my car; have six months of expenses saved; an established retirement account; am active in my community; have a job that I enjoy; have two masters degrees; have traveled overseas; have amazing friends and family. While I wouldn't mind being a bit thinner or having less issues with my skin (Rosacea and sun allergies blow...) honestly, I'm happier than I've ever been.

Do I want to get married one day? Absolutely, to the right person, not just to get married. Do I want kids? Maybe. All I know is that I'm finally to the point where  I'm looking forward to my 30's. The decade of my 20's was a bit rough, but I'm quite positive that the best is yet to come.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Z is for Ziplining..

I'm a pretty typical girl in that I'm an animal lover (Thank you God for not giving me animal allergies). I once got to feed a giraffe in San Diego at the Wild Animal Park and it was a monumental moment in my life. Could I please get a do over?

The obvious choice for "Z" would be a day spent at the zoo, but my first choice would be a do over for a different kind of monumental moment... I spent a month in Japan a few years ago and went to a place in Okinawa, amidst the treetops, called Forest Adventure. It was a ropes course that also included Ziplining. Now... the fear was totally real, but the adrenaline rush and the experience was amazing. I launched myself off platforms, soared through the trees, climbed up towers on ropes... it was so much fun, and something that would be a memorable experience to share. 

If you are allergic to the zoo, or crippled with a fear of heights, you could let wanderlust win and jet set to the land of Zeus for a Grecian getaway. 

What would you do for "Z" to end your alphabetical dates? 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"X" marks the spot

Sadly, "X" is one of those letters that will make you have to get creative. Obviously you could translate it to an XXX date, but my grandmother reads this blog, so you won't find blogs about 50 shades of sexy times here [insert appropriate emoji here].

Believe it or not, there are options that don't include getting nekkid. For instance, you could go to a Shakespeare festival to see Taming of the Shrew (or you can watch the more modern take on the drama with the movie, 10 Things I hate about you). Essentially, the shrew is a xanthippe (pronounced san-thip-pee) which is basically a nagging housewife that can't be pleased.

If Shakespeare is a snoozefest for you, you could opt for a little treasure seeking in the form of geocaching. You get GPS coordinates for a location that you have to find, so it's like a modern day treasure map of sorts. You could opt to do this and camp out at a KOA campground, their sign basically incorporates a big "X." It should count right?

I feel like there should be loopholes with the letter "X" and you can use options that simply sound like it, with some bonus points if the letter is actually in the word. In this case, I would want to get a group of friends together to head down to Nashville for the Escape game. It's a simulator of sorts that requires you to work together with your group, in an effort to successfully exit or escape the scenario that you've chosen. The simulator is timed, which adds to the pressure. 60 minutes - I wonder if I could be in a group to escape? I'll be sure to let you know. 

What would be your "X"?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for exploring the World....

I know after you read my date choice for "V" that you would be like, "Oh, she's totally going to pick Winery for W" I'm not that much of a lush, and there are more options than enjoyable ones that incorporate servings of fruit in a glass...so I'm going to pick something different.

I'd like to take a step on the wild side for "W" and would like to go White Water rafting. You can opt to do anything real with Water - boating, washing the cars old-school style, going to a water park, etc. 

In addition to the option of all things water, "W" encompasses one of my favorite ailments, Wanderlust. You could decide to embark on a magical trip to Walt Disney World... or you could pick a country in the western hemisphere to explore. I'd probably pick the latter simply because there is so much of this world that I yearn to explore... 

What about you? What would you do with "W"?

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Vineyards...and vineyards...oh, and vineyards.

Unfortunately,  I'm not that creative when it comes to the letter "V"because my brain becomes a one track mind... headed straight to a vineyard. Liquidated fermented fruit is one of my favorite ways to consume a serving of fruit... now for me personally, I tend to lean more to the least heart-healthy sweet white wines BUT many of you are fans of red, which means that this is a date that technically comes doctor recommended.

To take care of Wanderlust... I wouldn't mind jetting off to Vermont for a ski trip, venturing to Venice, Italy for a ride down the canals in a gondola vessel or trekking to Venezuela to see the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. 

Now you can certainly plan your dates around your palette, opting to cook/dine with menus that include items that start with the assigned letter. So in this case, what about a meal with veal or a course with venison?  (if you are opposed to eating baby cow, or meat in general than you can opt for a delectable vegetable extravaganza.) Perhaps you could even flex your vocabulary skills following dinner by playing a game that uses those vast word skills of yours... Scrabble? 

What would you plan for "V"?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

U is all about going under....

For me, "U" is all about going under... whether that's underground, underwater or to the Land Down Under. 

You'd think as the daughter of a Navy Submariner that I would be like a fish in the water... truthfully, I'm more like a dead fish. My Grandad taught me how to float on my back, so I've got the dead floating fish thing down pat. Learning how to swim is something that I want to tackle. One of my besties, Kate briefly introduced a few years ago, but it's definitely something that takes a bit of practice. Lessons are needed, because I would really like to be able to scuba dive. 

Living in KY, means I'm privy to one of the longest cave systems in the world... so we could go underground on a spelunking date or we could go to the Underground Caverns in Louisville for an underground date...(they have zip lining underground too!)

Naturally, it's important to include wanderlust items as part of the potential "u" dates, so obviously the I would volunteer as tribute for a trip to the Land Down Under... hugging koalas, and sitting in a Great White Shark cage by the reef has my name all over it. 

What does your "U" look like?
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Travels...tasty travels.

When I think of "T", I think of Tasty..  (Tastee, if you are a fan of Orange is The New Black... New Season starts June 12th..) So, for this reason I would choose to a date that is based on the premise of "Tasting your Town." Essentially, this is scouting out different locations for appetizers, main course and then dessert. You could go for a tapas style meal, or treat yourself to an indulgent meal. 

Being tasked with the letter "T" can yield several great options. You could head to the local community theater or city theater to catch a show, tour a museum/tourist attraction, or participate in a Trivia Night. 

Most importantly, the letter "T" starts one of my favorite words, and coincidentally one of my favorite things to do...Travel. Whether it be taking the train somewhere or trekking off to Thailand. Oh, to have a hefty bank account to take a year off and travel the globe.... #agirlcandream

Where would you travel to? What would your "T" date be?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for Scavenger Hunts...and Snap Shots of Memories through the Alphabet

When it comes to "S", it either has to be something Sports related, either participating (Let's hit the slopes and go skiing... I wouldn't mind trying snowboarding) or as a spectator.  I also am really keen on Scavenger Hunts...  If you've noticed, I've used found alphabet photos for each of my letters, doing the same thing and capturing snap shots of your own versions of the letters would be something I'd enjoy. 

I feel like "S" offers so many great options across a wide spectrum of interests. Into board games? Scrabble. Wanderlust? Seattle... Spain... Safari in South Africa... Nostalgic? Skee ball at County fair or a rollerskating Rink...

What memory would you capture with "S"? 

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