Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bye 2014, Hello 2015

I hate to admit it, but time got away from me. Life happened and perhaps I bit off more of life than I could chew, leaving the blog to wilt like the love fern..Yes.. Andie, I let the love fern die.. 

I had so many high hopes for this blog and I came out of the gate strong, but considering I haven't posted since like September, I've definitely neglected this little online nook of mine. I wanted to share so many moments and document my life journey as part of a personal mission of sorts to digitally archive my transformation from a twenty-something-hot-mess to a sort-of-has-it-all-together thirty-something and beyond. I'm okay with being a work in progress, so this blog too, will be a work in progress.

Like all years, 2014 had some highs and lows, but this year - the year of 30, I'm embracing happiness and I don't want to lament on the past woes, so here are my top 5 moments of 2014. I feel like it's only appropriate that I review the past year before I dive head first into blogging about a new one... 
  • I started this blog, after years of talking about it. My hope for 2015 is that I find the time make the time to blog more regularly. 
  • I bought a house, impulsively which I can't believe I did [insert holy shiz face] I can't wait to share my nest with you...and this home is perfect for me at this stage in my life, oh, and Kiki La Rue moved in with me this past Fall. It's been so much fun. 
  • Made some amazing memories: surprising Christin for her 29th birthday in Memphis; Hannah for her 30th in VA; the Taste of Louisville for Alex's 30th birthday [sidenote.. not the biggest fan of bourbon]; Girls' Weekend in MN; Bruno Mars in concert... twice.. I am still hung over from the Moonshine Jungle...   Needless to say, I can't possibly list all of the wonderful memories I've made in 2014, this was a legitimate start though...
  • I went to Italy... for free...Like got to miss school and travel to Rome...for free....with Kiki La Rue. That in and of itself deserves a post, and I've got one in my drafts to finish. I laugh thinking about the cheesy touristy things I did when I went with my family and the BFF, Ashley in 2006. All the little, "If you do these you'll be sure to return to Italy" things. Sure enough, 8 years later BOOM... Trip back to Italy...for free... Although, thus far, grabbing Juliet's bronze boob in Verona for luck-in-love hasn't quite come to fruition. Perhaps in 2015.
The Roman Coliseum with Kiki La Rue
  • I was blessed with the opportunity to play a lead role in a MainStage community theater production, Fox on the Fairway. It was such an incredible experience. Moving to Paducah, 3 years ago, I never thought that #10 on my then-bucket list would turn into a love for the theater. Since my first audition, I have been cast as some fun characters and even more so, have met the greatest people that I now call friends. 
I'm still not mentioning the lows of 2014, but I'm realizing more and more that things always have a way of working themselves out, even if realizing that sometimes takes time. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. Every disappointment, every tear, every great memory, every not-so-great moment and all that is in between has led me here. 

So, with my year in review, I declare that for this new year, I plan on being the Captain, with a compass, that is anything, but broken. I hope you'll drop anchor and navigate these seas again with me... I really do promise not to fall overboard this time. 

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  1. .Aye Aye Skipper. I am proud of all your accomplishments and think that all the highs definitely overshadowed the lows. Fair winds and following seas