Saturday, March 28, 2015

The A-to-Z Blog Challenge: Blogging through April one Post at a Time

If I had a boyfriend or husband, I would propose the challenge of dating our way through the alphabet. I saw something similar years and years ago, in a book Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble and since then (or maybe before then) ABC dating. The premise is easy, you and your significant other would take turns selecting an activity or place to go for each letter (I would have A, he would be responsible for B, so on and so forth) that are a bit out of the everyday norm (like not a typical dinner date for D...let's be a bit more original that that) and it would certainly lend itself to an adventurous dating life, whether you're dating a boyfriend or a husband.

For us single ladies, you could also do this with your besties or you can channel some Jason Derulo and ride solo through your own A-Z challenge. I'll consider this, but since I have 549 days left of my 101 in 1001, I'll wait a little bit longer for a beau to partake in these alphabetical escapades. 

To up my blogging game, I'll be blogging the A-to-Z challenge. The basis is easy, you blog through the alphabet the month of April (except for Sundays). You wind up having 26 posts (Mon - Sat) and each post will tie into the specific day's letter,  So, April 1st will start with a post that deals with the letter, "A" and will touch on dating through the alphabet and what I would likely choose if I was assigned to each letter...

There are few days left to join in on the blogging from A to Z fun. I've linked the photo from above if you want to join me and more than a thousand other bloggers. Hope my make believe alphabetical dating will inspire you to grab your sweetie and embark on your own dates from A to Z.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

I danced for money... but my clothes stayed on. TGI 5 on Friday.

First of all, I know today is Friday, but it's felt like the 5th Monday in a row.  The struggle has been very real this week. 

1. So, I danced for money... Let's recap Dancing with Our Stars, shall we? So much fun, in fact... I think I've been bitten by the ballroom dance bug too, so plan on taking some dance classes. A great guy needs to stumble into my life whose down to be my dance partner. I ended up raising $8,764 via monetary donations/ticket sales and bringing in $6,250 in fair market value auction items, bringing my grand total to $14,014. If you'd like to see my shake my tail feather in my Samba routine, it's posted here!   

Dad flew in from MD, Mom and Gramman drove up. Loved having them there! 
Some of my sweet cheerleaders came to the event. They camped out right at the edge of the dance floor during my Samba number. Loved shaking my tail feather with them on the dance floor. I am so blessed to be their Coach!
2.  My life in the Twenties is disappearing, [insert GAH! emoji here] in fact... in exactly 8 weeks, I will be waltzing into my thirties. I asked my parents for a diamond bracelet for my birthday, but they laughed (in my defense, they got me a beautiful right hand ring for my 21st... but, in my opinion, 30 is an even bigger milestone.. LOL. #agirlcandream) Anyways, I'm excited because my back-up request for my birthday was to landscape the front of my house... I've decided to go with a classy, nautical theme... drawing inspiration from these..

So I want little pylons to go around the perimeter, right in front of my  house. 
Naturally, I'm obsessed with all things nautical. I currently have a huge iron compass hanging on my exterior, underneath I thought it would cute to have distressed nautical flags just like above, that spell out Lumuhand. 
I need a new front porch light that matches the theme I'm shooting for. I also have window boxes, but am thinking fake buoys?
Clearly, I need a giant anchor in the front... who wants a plant that needs a lot of maintenance
, when you can have an anchor.
3. My bathroom remodel will be complete this weekend (minus the organization of my bathroom stuff... that will have to take place next week, since I'll be out of town this weekend for a Guard competition) I've hired contractors to do 80% of the work, but I did remove the Wallpaper (which was a HASSLE) and I repainted the medicine cabinet.. I'll be glittering the inside of the cabinet, don't judge... a little sparkle never hurt anyone.. 

So, originally the wallpaper was damask and then underneath that it was this turquoise floral pattern. The medicine cabinet was a blue with an outside that matched the color of the walls. Ceiling color was also a silver and the fixtures were silver.
Now the walls are a cream, with the ceiling and the color of the cabinet a light mocha. I love how this paint job turned out, and the new knobs.. Once the glittered inside is done, I will swoon. #homesweethome
4. Spring Break is in 5 school days... I repeat 5 school days. I'll be making a quick trip Easter trip to the 'Ville, before heading back to get a Laser treatment on my face #RosaceaProbs and spend the next few days in hiding, but at least it'll be spent relaxing and likely Netflix binging... I have a list of shows to watch, but can't wait to binge on some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

5.  I have wanderlust ridiculously bad... 73 days I'm leaving for London/Paris, which I can't wait, but there are some other places I would love to go, sooner than later. Groupon seriously dangles them in my face... 

Currently high on my I-want-to-see-you list currently are...

Have any of you gone on a Groupon getaway or knows someone that has? 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Shake yo' Tail Feather with my 5 on Friday

Look what just cha-cha'd onto my blog again.. that's right, 5 on Friday. 

1. I am like a tropical beach bunny... a bonafide Bahama mama... this is what $95 of spray tans in one week will do for you... Thank goodness that my beloved parentals are coming into town this weekend for my dancing event... groceries... please?

2. If you count my monetary donations ($8,545) and the fair market value of my auction items procured, at the exact moment of posting this post, I have raised $14,795 for the Dancing with Our Stars event. It's being held tomorrow... to say I am nervous is an understatement... My pulse has been higher than usual for days... and I think the feathers on my dress are molting in anticipation/fear/nervousness, etc.  (Last #shamelessplug, it isn't too late to donate a dollar or two in support or to raise money for a cure, or to honor a loved one) 

3. Ballroom dance is not a cheap "sport." I think if you total everything I've spent... (Spray Tans: $95, Shoes (Practice & Event) $160, Handmade Costume/Shipping from Hong Kong $190, Private lessons after the 10 freebies $150, Hair & Make-up day of $150... I don't even want to do the math and add all the cost of participating in this philanthropic event up... BUT it's a once in a lifetime opportunity... so like an American Express commercial, the experience has been #priceless)

4. My bathroom remodel is coming closer to fruition... The contractor is painting today.. the new vanity is installed tomorrow morning and the contractor will be installing the new lighting, hanging the mirrors, etc. on Sunday.. I am more than excited to have a place now to conceal clutter  put things and I can't wait to do a big reveal. 

5. I really like cats. Like really, really like them. I kind of feel like that character on Animaniacs that is obsessed with the animals, because I am attracted to them like magnets.. I see a stray,  and I instantly make kitty-come-here noises... I see a sweet cat carcass on the side of the road, I want to cry...and lately the desire to add another cat to the household is a daily struggle, especially with Kiki La Rue moving out in a few months and taking her feline with her. I just love cats. I love to pet them and I love to hear them purr.. Why don't they have that as an option for those sound machine things? Ocean waves do it for me too, but cat's purring have me feeling some type of way... 

When it comes to cats... I'm not going to lie, I'm really coveting the following cat merchandise... call me a cat lady.. that's fine.. but I love cats. 

ModCloth's feline pillow
Uncommon Goods' Cat Tao Glasses
Also, I should probably note that I don't ever plan on dating a guy again that is allergic to cats.. Clearly, that has been the biggest problem all along... we don't have similar lifestyles.. is that a question on online dating sites? Perhaps that good be the newest filter.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Back in Action with 5 on Friday

It's been a while since I've been on the 5 on Friday train, like my last ride was in 2014 #bloggingfail but now that I'm back to the world of blogging, I might as well make this a regular Friday stop. 

1.  Do you have a raw cookie dough obsession? I know for most of my adult life, I have tried to avoid buying those heavenly rolls of packaged dough like the plague because I would rather eat the dough raw than cooked for starters, and the risk of salmonella, that was always drilled in my head as a deterrent, was very real to me... until the moment I discovered this... 

2.  Most of you know that I've gotten into Community Theater since living here in Paducah, I particularly enjoy being part of the Murder Mystery Troupe... There's a script for 75% of the show, but then you get to improv with guests as your character, and you never know what they are going to say or what they will ask and it keeps you on your toes! Last night was opening night for our Murder: Country Style show... and it's my first time singing on a stage for theatrical purposes.. I am now highly considering taking vocal lessons. Perhaps a musical is in my future?

This is my dentist... seeing him with panty hose on his face because he's a hit man is HILARIOUS.  

3. Going along the same theme with #2, I auditioned last week for a part in a indie movie to be shot locally here... it's going to be pitched to some film festivals which is exciting, but what's even more exciting is that I landed a role. It's completely volunteer and it's definitely not that big of a deal, but the opportunity alone is going to be a fun experience that I can't wait to share. 

4. I'm pretty sentimental, I often cover up that side with sarcasm and sass, but one of the ways I am stimulating the economy is through frequent purchases of Groupon goods. I was in need of a key chain and this one randomly caught my eye as goods were being displayed... Once it arrived, I of course, had to share it with my Gramman...

Gramman is texting on her iPad, so proud of her for becoming a little more tech savvy. 

5.  It's the one week mark before my Dancing with the Stars American Cancer Society fundraising event... I am nervous because there is only a week left to practice with my partner before the big event... I'm also nervous because I have to get spray tanned, and who knows how my sensitive skin is going to handle the spray tan...  I mentioned my philanthropic event here... talked about it as a spectator here... and if you are interested in donating to support me shaking my tail feather or to honor a loved one #shamelessplug #raisingmoneyforcancer you can visit my page here... I've raised $8100 so far, and would love to reach my goal of $8, 500. 


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Monday, March 9, 2015

Dancing for a Cure: My stint as a local "Celeb" raising $$$

Almost 6 months ago, I was asked to be one of the local "stars" "celebrities" for a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. It's part of a local hospital's Relay for Life team's fundraiser and it makes their team one of the top fundraising teams in the country, raising upwards of $200k.

Essentially, the event is a spin-off of Dancing with the Stars. Participants Celebs are people in the community that raise money and procure auction items, while being paired with a local ballroom dancer. I usually attend the event, all dressed up as a spectator, but this year I will don a barely there costume (I should have started dieting and working out like 6 months ago... insert appropriate gah! emoji here.) and will dance a fun and sassy Samba routine.

Feathers and Fringe and Rhinestones, Oh my! 
In the spirit of philanthropy, I've raised a little over $7,000 and would love to get to my goal of $7,500 - $8,000.  [Drum roll please for the insertion of a shameless plug here] In saying that, if you have a few dollars to spare in supporting me in my philanthropic ballroom dancing endeavors, or helping fund a cure in honor of a loved one or in support of cancer research, I would certainly be grateful.

The event is particularly meaningful for me because I'm dancing for my Grandad. You see, I have the tendency to get people hooked on shows that I like at a particular time (and then I fall off the viewing wagon) and I happened to get he and my Gramman hooked on the inaugural season of Dancing with The Stars. I would give up everything I own to have him in a seat, floor side, watching me dance in my costume with-not-enough-material than in his seat from heaven. I miss him so very much. 

If you need me the next two weeks, I'll be dancing my butt off since Mother Nature has rudely interrupted my practice schedule... not enough time to get ready. T-minus 12 days.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's get Reacquainted...I'm still a good girl with a lot of bad habits

I'd like to preface this post with a Be careful what you wish for... disclaimer. You see... a few weeks ago, I wished for A, let me repeat, A - as in one - snow day. I wanted needed a day to work on finishing my Rank . Needless to say, today marks the 6th day off from school, since the 17th of February. While yes, snow days can be a teacher perk, not when you are literally snowed into your home and the city you live in has been shut down... This makes for a rather boring snowcation, and let's face it, motivation is as frozen as the precipitation that landed outside, so my domestic projects don't scream at me to accomplish them...

Now, I promised a post that would get us reacquainted, so let's address the status of a few of this good girl's bad habits to make that happen.

1. I still bite my nails. I cut cold turkey and was doing fairly well until I broke a nail a week ago and relapsed. Relapse was made possible thanks to the stress, as a result of #2, that was urging me to invoke my inner piranha. Yes, I know it's gross.. at least I'm a frequent hand washer.

2. Procrastination problem might be improved after nearly learning my lesson with the threat of paying $3,000 out of pocket just to turn in a paper. The fear was real.. we're talking I met the deadline for my Rank 1, with a matter of less than 24 hours to spare. '

3. Telling people "No" is still a struggle. But I did quit my side gig Retail job at Pier 1 to have more time for myself and to spend with others. That's some progress, but admittedly I will miss my discount - half my home is from there...

4. Eating healthier and drinking more water is questionable, but since Kiki La Rue has moved in there's been more food in the fridge. I sure will miss the Bestie when she moves into her own bachelorette pad this Summer, I suppose I'll have to keep the trend going of having food in stock and cooking meals more regularly.

5. I'm pretty much caught up on my laundry, with the exception of the two loads, or so, currently in my hamper. This is a celebration... what isn't... is the amount of laundry yearning to be put away.

Good News... some progress has been made in my blogging absence, which speaking of that, I assure you that I am most definitely back to blogging... I promise not to lure you into my boat, and leave you stranded with no oar like last year.  Bad News... to myself that is... I'm no longer one foot in the 30 door, I'm like doing the hokey pokey with everything inside the 30 door, but my head out.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Truth Tuesday is Making an Appearance, but on Wednesday...

The truth is... it's been a while since my last Truth Tuesday post, so considering the fact that it's been that long, I probably should dedicate this to getting reacquainted... but at this point, I'll do a legit post for that... more than likely while Snowpocalypse 2.0 is happening... 

Also, is it Tuesday somewhere? I'm going to pretend like it is since it's actually Wednesday.. Oh well, #rulebreaker. 

1.  I really like the show Grey's Anatomy... but I just can't bring myself to watch the plane crash episode or any episodes leading up to Sloan's death... I.just.can' My level of like isn't obsession worthy, although I would wear shirt that says "Knitting" on it... crafters would rejoice... true Grey's fans would laugh and understand. I have a cheerleader whose obsession is alarmingly high... I use it to my advantage as a motivational tool (S, if you don't stand straight up and lock-out your leg, I'm going to give you spoiler alerts for the netflix episodes you haven't seen yet [insert threatening face here] and it also results in hilarious texts.. like this one... 

2. Taking off the wallpaper has been one of the least enjoyable in the task of renovating my Master bath. The damask wallpaper really didn't match the browns and silvers going on... it also covered another layer of HIDEOUS turquoise wallpaper... like I have no idea what the previous homeowners were thinking with that... and can we talk about the sink... what woman wants to have NO STORAGE? Like...did she even do her hair or use beauty products of any kind? I appreciate the aesthetics that she was considering, but practicality is important...

3. I have a slight obsession with Groupon and I've gotten, Kiki la Rue hooked on it too. She'll be moving into her own place this Summer, her very first place. I'll miss her, but am so excited for her adventure of living in her own place for the first time. Needless to say, the deal site has some legit bargains and deals and our postal worker probably thinks we are singlehandedly keeping the site in business.. 

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

I needed Ryan Gosling to help me finish my Master's Degree...

Well... I'm back to blogging and it's primarily due to the fact that I'm officially done with my Rank 1, which is essentially a second Master's degree in the realm of teaching. There's no better way to sum up the experience than with Ryan Gosling... 

Yes, Ryan... You may, in fact, call me Master, as often and whenever you'd like. 

Procrastination is something that unfortunately, I am quite good at. In fact, I am not a wannabe procrastinator. I am instead, a bona fide, professional, bad ass procrastinator and... it's not one of my best attributes... A wise adage is that procrastination is the thief of time... you might also want to mention that procrastination is a soul sucking vampire, gifter of stress and robber of sleep. 

With this post, I am breaking up with procrastination (Disclaimer: It's likely going to be an unhealthy relationship, because even though I want to make a clean break, I may get weak and go back every now and then...) I'm also breaking up with my Thesis, because our relationship has run its course and I'm happy to say that the relationship is over, because I busted my ass... burned the midnight oil and got the work done, all while maintaining an insanely busy schedule and dealing with mono. 

Now... I have to admit to you that I turned to an unconventional source to help me finish my Master's degree.. Ryan Gosling.. He came through for me in a big way.. and because of that he can be forgiven for spelling my name wrong, but I really feel like he was speaking directly to the core of my procrastination here when I googled Ryan Gosling memes one day and this is what appeared...

Yes, I should.. but can I study you.. how about a character study of one of your films instead? 

And I really appreciate his questioning methods here... Quite a way to promote on-task behaviors.

Yes, I should, but [insert anything other than writing thesis here] is currently preferred.

This was really what I needed... I mean... how can you say no to that?

and write that thesis I did, all 90 pages of it... and then I defended it for an hour for my oral defense...  Now that I'm officially finished with my Rank 1 and blogged about it, in's what Ryan has to say about this.. 

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