Friday, March 27, 2015

I danced for money... but my clothes stayed on. TGI 5 on Friday.

First of all, I know today is Friday, but it's felt like the 5th Monday in a row.  The struggle has been very real this week. 

1. So, I danced for money... Let's recap Dancing with Our Stars, shall we? So much fun, in fact... I think I've been bitten by the ballroom dance bug too, so plan on taking some dance classes. A great guy needs to stumble into my life whose down to be my dance partner. I ended up raising $8,764 via monetary donations/ticket sales and bringing in $6,250 in fair market value auction items, bringing my grand total to $14,014. If you'd like to see my shake my tail feather in my Samba routine, it's posted here!   

Dad flew in from MD, Mom and Gramman drove up. Loved having them there! 
Some of my sweet cheerleaders came to the event. They camped out right at the edge of the dance floor during my Samba number. Loved shaking my tail feather with them on the dance floor. I am so blessed to be their Coach!
2.  My life in the Twenties is disappearing, [insert GAH! emoji here] in fact... in exactly 8 weeks, I will be waltzing into my thirties. I asked my parents for a diamond bracelet for my birthday, but they laughed (in my defense, they got me a beautiful right hand ring for my 21st... but, in my opinion, 30 is an even bigger milestone.. LOL. #agirlcandream) Anyways, I'm excited because my back-up request for my birthday was to landscape the front of my house... I've decided to go with a classy, nautical theme... drawing inspiration from these..

So I want little pylons to go around the perimeter, right in front of my  house. 
Naturally, I'm obsessed with all things nautical. I currently have a huge iron compass hanging on my exterior, underneath I thought it would cute to have distressed nautical flags just like above, that spell out Lumuhand. 
I need a new front porch light that matches the theme I'm shooting for. I also have window boxes, but am thinking fake buoys?
Clearly, I need a giant anchor in the front... who wants a plant that needs a lot of maintenance
, when you can have an anchor.
3. My bathroom remodel will be complete this weekend (minus the organization of my bathroom stuff... that will have to take place next week, since I'll be out of town this weekend for a Guard competition) I've hired contractors to do 80% of the work, but I did remove the Wallpaper (which was a HASSLE) and I repainted the medicine cabinet.. I'll be glittering the inside of the cabinet, don't judge... a little sparkle never hurt anyone.. 

So, originally the wallpaper was damask and then underneath that it was this turquoise floral pattern. The medicine cabinet was a blue with an outside that matched the color of the walls. Ceiling color was also a silver and the fixtures were silver.
Now the walls are a cream, with the ceiling and the color of the cabinet a light mocha. I love how this paint job turned out, and the new knobs.. Once the glittered inside is done, I will swoon. #homesweethome
4. Spring Break is in 5 school days... I repeat 5 school days. I'll be making a quick trip Easter trip to the 'Ville, before heading back to get a Laser treatment on my face #RosaceaProbs and spend the next few days in hiding, but at least it'll be spent relaxing and likely Netflix binging... I have a list of shows to watch, but can't wait to binge on some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

5.  I have wanderlust ridiculously bad... 73 days I'm leaving for London/Paris, which I can't wait, but there are some other places I would love to go, sooner than later. Groupon seriously dangles them in my face... 

Currently high on my I-want-to-see-you list currently are...

Have any of you gone on a Groupon getaway or knows someone that has? 

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