Sunday, March 1, 2015

I needed Ryan Gosling to help me finish my Master's Degree...

Well... I'm back to blogging and it's primarily due to the fact that I'm officially done with my Rank 1, which is essentially a second Master's degree in the realm of teaching. There's no better way to sum up the experience than with Ryan Gosling... 

Yes, Ryan... You may, in fact, call me Master, as often and whenever you'd like. 

Procrastination is something that unfortunately, I am quite good at. In fact, I am not a wannabe procrastinator. I am instead, a bona fide, professional, bad ass procrastinator and... it's not one of my best attributes... A wise adage is that procrastination is the thief of time... you might also want to mention that procrastination is a soul sucking vampire, gifter of stress and robber of sleep. 

With this post, I am breaking up with procrastination (Disclaimer: It's likely going to be an unhealthy relationship, because even though I want to make a clean break, I may get weak and go back every now and then...) I'm also breaking up with my Thesis, because our relationship has run its course and I'm happy to say that the relationship is over, because I busted my ass... burned the midnight oil and got the work done, all while maintaining an insanely busy schedule and dealing with mono. 

Now... I have to admit to you that I turned to an unconventional source to help me finish my Master's degree.. Ryan Gosling.. He came through for me in a big way.. and because of that he can be forgiven for spelling my name wrong, but I really feel like he was speaking directly to the core of my procrastination here when I googled Ryan Gosling memes one day and this is what appeared...

Yes, I should.. but can I study you.. how about a character study of one of your films instead? 

And I really appreciate his questioning methods here... Quite a way to promote on-task behaviors.

Yes, I should, but [insert anything other than writing thesis here] is currently preferred.

This was really what I needed... I mean... how can you say no to that?

and write that thesis I did, all 90 pages of it... and then I defended it for an hour for my oral defense...  Now that I'm officially finished with my Rank 1 and blogged about it, in's what Ryan has to say about this.. 

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  1. I need Ryan Gosling to help me with a lot of things.

    1. Amen, sister. I'll add Bruno to that list too... Girls hit your hallelujah - whoo.