Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's get Reacquainted...I'm still a good girl with a lot of bad habits

I'd like to preface this post with a Be careful what you wish for... disclaimer. You see... a few weeks ago, I wished for A, let me repeat, A - as in one - snow day. I wanted needed a day to work on finishing my Rank . Needless to say, today marks the 6th day off from school, since the 17th of February. While yes, snow days can be a teacher perk, not when you are literally snowed into your home and the city you live in has been shut down... This makes for a rather boring snowcation, and let's face it, motivation is as frozen as the precipitation that landed outside, so my domestic projects don't scream at me to accomplish them...

Now, I promised a post that would get us reacquainted, so let's address the status of a few of this good girl's bad habits to make that happen.

1. I still bite my nails. I cut cold turkey and was doing fairly well until I broke a nail a week ago and relapsed. Relapse was made possible thanks to the stress, as a result of #2, that was urging me to invoke my inner piranha. Yes, I know it's gross.. at least I'm a frequent hand washer.

2. Procrastination problem might be improved after nearly learning my lesson with the threat of paying $3,000 out of pocket just to turn in a paper. The fear was real.. we're talking I met the deadline for my Rank 1, with a matter of less than 24 hours to spare. '

3. Telling people "No" is still a struggle. But I did quit my side gig Retail job at Pier 1 to have more time for myself and to spend with others. That's some progress, but admittedly I will miss my discount - half my home is from there...

4. Eating healthier and drinking more water is questionable, but since Kiki La Rue has moved in there's been more food in the fridge. I sure will miss the Bestie when she moves into her own bachelorette pad this Summer, I suppose I'll have to keep the trend going of having food in stock and cooking meals more regularly.

5. I'm pretty much caught up on my laundry, with the exception of the two loads, or so, currently in my hamper. This is a celebration... what isn't... is the amount of laundry yearning to be put away.

Good News... some progress has been made in my blogging absence, which speaking of that, I assure you that I am most definitely back to blogging... I promise not to lure you into my boat, and leave you stranded with no oar like last year.  Bad News... to myself that is... I'm no longer one foot in the 30 door, I'm like doing the hokey pokey with everything inside the 30 door, but my head out.


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  1. Am so very glad that you are back to blogging....have missed them...I enjoy them all. Keep up the good work ..LUMUHAND, Grammab

  2. I figured now that I'm done with my Rank 1, you'd be asking me where the new posts are. I thought I would do a preemptive strike before you started asking me when I was going to get back to blogging! Is Grammab your new street name? It's got swag - I like it. LUMUHAND