Friday, March 20, 2015

Shake yo' Tail Feather with my 5 on Friday

Look what just cha-cha'd onto my blog again.. that's right, 5 on Friday. 

1. I am like a tropical beach bunny... a bonafide Bahama mama... this is what $95 of spray tans in one week will do for you... Thank goodness that my beloved parentals are coming into town this weekend for my dancing event... groceries... please?

2. If you count my monetary donations ($8,545) and the fair market value of my auction items procured, at the exact moment of posting this post, I have raised $14,795 for the Dancing with Our Stars event. It's being held tomorrow... to say I am nervous is an understatement... My pulse has been higher than usual for days... and I think the feathers on my dress are molting in anticipation/fear/nervousness, etc.  (Last #shamelessplug, it isn't too late to donate a dollar or two in support or to raise money for a cure, or to honor a loved one) 

3. Ballroom dance is not a cheap "sport." I think if you total everything I've spent... (Spray Tans: $95, Shoes (Practice & Event) $160, Handmade Costume/Shipping from Hong Kong $190, Private lessons after the 10 freebies $150, Hair & Make-up day of $150... I don't even want to do the math and add all the cost of participating in this philanthropic event up... BUT it's a once in a lifetime opportunity... so like an American Express commercial, the experience has been #priceless)

4. My bathroom remodel is coming closer to fruition... The contractor is painting today.. the new vanity is installed tomorrow morning and the contractor will be installing the new lighting, hanging the mirrors, etc. on Sunday.. I am more than excited to have a place now to conceal clutter  put things and I can't wait to do a big reveal. 

5. I really like cats. Like really, really like them. I kind of feel like that character on Animaniacs that is obsessed with the animals, because I am attracted to them like magnets.. I see a stray,  and I instantly make kitty-come-here noises... I see a sweet cat carcass on the side of the road, I want to cry...and lately the desire to add another cat to the household is a daily struggle, especially with Kiki La Rue moving out in a few months and taking her feline with her. I just love cats. I love to pet them and I love to hear them purr.. Why don't they have that as an option for those sound machine things? Ocean waves do it for me too, but cat's purring have me feeling some type of way... 

When it comes to cats... I'm not going to lie, I'm really coveting the following cat merchandise... call me a cat lady.. that's fine.. but I love cats. 

ModCloth's feline pillow
Uncommon Goods' Cat Tao Glasses
Also, I should probably note that I don't ever plan on dating a guy again that is allergic to cats.. Clearly, that has been the biggest problem all along... we don't have similar lifestyles.. is that a question on online dating sites? Perhaps that good be the newest filter.

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