Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for an Art Class... A to Z of Alphabetical Dating

at you can find an array of letters (taken from around the US in nature, architecture, etc.) that reflect an alphabet that is reflective of you. Or that's something you can do once you get to the letter "P." #spoileralert
Now, there are quite a few choices when it comes to the letter "A" and the letter itself is definitely a bit more more pleasant than the Scarlet one that Hester Prynne wears on her clothing... #puritanprobs 

Now, for A...  You have Amusement parks (which is likely the least original option,  but still great fun nonetheless)... Aviation lessons, perhaps you live in a Metropolitan area that has Trapeze classes and you could take an "Acrobatics" lesson...venture to an Art gallery... perhaps you live in an area or close that has a college or Majors league (MLB, NFL, NHL, etc.) that starts with an "A". (Astros, ATL Falcons, Avalanche)  If you have wanderlust and an equally large pocketbook (or you are a wise saver), you could head off somewhere that starts with A... if you're feeling like a beach bunny? Aruba. A ski bunny? The Alps. A whale? Alaska. A naughty minx? Africa?  

For me, I would choose an Art Class. You can do one of those Sip n' Paint places... what isn't better with a glass of wine? or you can take a legit art class or workshop through a local community college or perhaps a local gallery. From drawing to painting and from pottery to glass blowing, the artistic options available could really nurture your creative side. Not only is it a fun experience, but you'll have tangible evidence of your time spent together beyond a photo or two, and perhaps some fodder for a fun blog post if you're a blogger.

What would you choose if you had to pick a date idea starting with the letter "A"?

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  1. I smiled when I read "what isn't better with a glass of wine" and thought my kind of art class.

    A date idea starting with the letter A would be Alaska - dog sledding on the Norris Glacier would be fun.

    Great Theme idea - have fun on your A to Z journey.

    Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. Jenny - Thank you for stopping by my ABC dating journey for the A to Z Challenge! Apparently, you you think a serving of fruit in a glass is a great time too! I love the Sip n'Paint concept, although I would likely sip more and paint less. Thanks for the A to Z encouragement. I would love an adventure in Alaska to see the Northern Lights. I love the idea of dog sledding!


  2. A date place? How about anywhere but here :p No really, Athens would be nice.

    Good start to the challenge. I'm off to read your other posts. :)

    1. Hey Kela! Thanks for stopping by! I too, would love to go to Athens. I like the " anywhere but here.." totally fits with the "A" that is needed! I like how brave you are with the whatever word comes to mind for your blog posts.. brave, brave soul!