Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Ballroom Dancing through an Alphabetical Dating Adventure

We know I'm a bit partial to ballroom dancing considering I danced in Paducah's Dancing with Our Stars a week ago... If you want to see the video of the performance, it's here... in all its feathery glory.  #samba

The experience, not going to lie, makes me want to take Ballroom Dancing classes... now truthfully, it's a bit cheaper with a partner because if you don't have one you have to pay for private lessons versus group lessons. ($50 per hour versus $50 per couple for 4 classes a month) 

So, if I had the letter "B", I would choose Ballroom dance and if I had a beau, I would hope that he would choose it... or it can be an ongoing date and there are other options for B that we can embark on.

If you are in a Metropolitan area, you can check out the Dining in the Dark establishment, Opaque. They have a few locations around the US, otherwise it also has popped up as a philanthropic 'Dining in the Dark' event raising money for nonprofits that aid in providing incredible services for those who have visual impairments. Essentially, you engage in a culinary adventure designed to tease and tempt the palette, all while in complete darkness. Seems like an interesting adventure, although it might not be enjoyable for the picky eater.

If you aren't near a Blind Dining experience, here are some other options for if you are feeling Adventurous? Bungee Jumping or a hot air Balloon ride. All-American? Burgers and Bowling. Spend the day with pals? Bocce Ball or Badminton. Outdoors? Biking or Boating. Wanderlust? Belgium... Bombay, India... 

What would your ideal "B" theme date be?

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  1. I used to take ballroom classes a while back. I've never taken any with my husband though, this is a great idea!

  2. You should take them and post about it on your blog! I'd love to read about your experience, Robyn!