Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dinosaurs or Disney: Dating through the Alphabet

I am loving the found alphabet concept... photography scavenger hunt #spoileralert #P

I live in Kentucky, and we are lucky to have a tourist attraction/dinosaur theme park in this fine state called Dinosaur World. I've never been, although it's been on my list-of-places-to-go since I moved back to KY in 2009, but you see the big weather treated seemingly paper-mache dinosaurs while you are driving down the highway. If I had the letter "D", we would road trip it to Dinosaur World.

They don't have food service, so you can pack a lunch... How romantic to Dine with the Dinos...
If you aren't into dinosaurs, perhaps Disney World or Disney Land would tickle your fancy? If you planned for a few days, you can trek there and cross multiple letters of your list or you could fulfill the character themed fantasies of your kiddos. I had this autograph book and was tickled to death when I was nine and went to Disney with my Gramman & Grandad. From what I hear, it's too bad the characters have unions now and you basically have to find them huddled in establishments #bahhumbug

Some other options for "D" could include driving. This could either be renting a comfortable and cruising with the top down... or driving Go-carts around a track. Try to avoid doing something normal, every day run-of-the-mill activities like "Dinner".... don't be a wet-blanket with your alphabet dating.. If you chose something else for "B", you can do a dance class for D or you could could go to the club and hit the dance floor. If you're both artistic (or you are better at giving directions) you could also have DIY date where you work together on a DIY project for the home.

What would you pick for D?

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