Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Guns, Golf and Go-Carts: Dating through the Alphabet

I'll be the first to admit that I can be a bit competitive... I like to go hard and admittedly I like to Gamble... not for $$$ per say, more like betting.. For example, I may wager a beau something like, "If I win, you have to get a pedicure.." Far less harmless than, real money.. although sometimes I do bet for like $20 fake bucks...

Anyways, for "G" I would likely pick something that can be done together, yet competitively to nurture that side. We could go to the gun range (I'd like to point out that some ranges do themes, like zombies... which might be cool if you are fans of The Walking Dead) or rock some argyle and head out to the links (or miniature golf course or driving range) or heading out to the go-cart track to fulfill that need for speed. 

If you don't dig the competitive route, that's fine. You can opt for other "G" related activities. Perhaps being a Gymrat is more your style and you can do a couple's workout, perhaps hire a trainer for a bonus, at the Gym. Wanderlust? Head to GreeceGermany or keep it local and head to Gatlinburg, TN or Georgia. (I recommend highly recommend Savannah) You're an animal lover? Head to the petting zoo to show some Goats some love. Maybe you share an affinity for the paranormal? Head out on a Ghost Tour - I'd love to take one in New Orleans! All about the Gridiron? Head off to a professional football game, an NCAA game or channel your inner teenager and head off to a local high school game for a date night. 

What kind of date would you choose for "G"? 

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