Monday, April 13, 2015

Here's K - sealed with Kiss.

I once did karaoke dressed in 80's garb for a ladies night when I spent a month in Japan a few years ago. We sang some songs that appropriately matched our them, songs from our high school glory days and various songs in between. It was great fun to rock out, which is why I would insist on a group date to karaoke for "K." 

Aside from karaoke, it's important to note that wanderlust is a real affliction and sadly, there is no cure, so if I had the bank account of my dreams and could afford to travel a lot, I would want to head down to the land of the Kookaburra's and snuggle some cuddly koalas at one of their Sanctuaries or jet off to Kenya for a safari.

If your bank account looks like mine, don't fret as there are affordable options that are fun. If you are into the outdoors, how about a little kayaking? You could pitch a tent at a KOA campground  and get your kayak on. I've only ever been canoeing, but I would be down for a kayaking adventure. You could consider enrolling in a Karate class at a local dojo, or spend an evening together in the Kitchen whipping up new recipes. Regardless of what you choose, any date should end with a Kiss of course. 

What would be your choice for "K"? 
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