Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for the Ice-Capades, preferably Italian: ABCs of Dating

I'm not Italian, but I think I maybe was in a past life. I have an affinity, especially, for Italian food. Gnocchi, Gelato and Margherita pizza? Yes, please. I'm blessed to have been to Italy twice, so if three's a charm and I had large bank account, I wouldn't think twice about jet setting off to Italy for "I." 

It's quite possible to bring a little Italian to Paducah, perhaps with an Audrey Hepburn "Roman Holiday" movie date with an Italian meal. Skip the take-out and try your hand at some homemade gnocchi. If you live in a Metropolitan area and have a Little Italy in your background, head on over to that neighborhood for some Italian authenticity on this side of the pond. 

If you are watching your carb intake and pasta isn't in the diet these days (or if you are sensitive to Gluten and don't really like gluten-free pasta) how about you bundle up and head over to the ice rink for your own version of the Ice-capades (open skate time or even invest in a lesson) or check out a hockey game.  There's plenty of other "I" date options... you could have an Ice Cream date.... you could head out to for a weekend of Isolation sans iPhones and go camping or you could stay at a quaint little Inn (I'm thinking Bed & Breakfast here...) You could partake in a Magic Show for a night full of Illusions or head to a local museum or aquarium and have an IMAX movie date. 

What would you do to fulfill the letter "I"? 
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  1. I like your theme of dating through the ABC. For "I", I'd go with an Italian dinner, ice cream, and walking down an ivy-lined path.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder
    Take 25 to Hollister

  2. Thank you so much! I am digging the theme too, know I either wish that I actually was doing each of these dates that I was mentioning! I love that added on walk down an ivy-lined path. After a delicious Italian dinner and some ice cream, I would definitely feel like walking it off a little!