Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is all about the Love... of Books.

"I love big books and I can not lie." I saw that on a tote bag once and it's a statement that could characterize a facet of me. I also sing the line, as intended, to the tune of Baby Got Back... just call me Lady Mixalot.

I would love nothing more than head to Library where we could both get a book of our choice. Perhaps we could head off to the coffee shop where we could sip on Lattes and Leisurely engage in a conversation before heading somewhere comfortable to Lounge around and embark on our Literary adventures.

Obviously this wouldn't work so well if your partner isn't exactly a bibliophile, so perhaps roadtrippin' for an "L" destination adventure would be better suited. I would likely opt to head up to Louisville, or go to the Lake for a little fishing, boating or camping trip. You could also keep it Local by attempting to only use Local businesses (no chain stores/restaurants).

As a twist on karaoke, if you weren't lucky enough to get to choose it for "K" or you are your partner are tone deaf, you could host a Lip Sync Battle party with your pals. There's a new show on Spike TV (Anne Hathaway slayed) that really highlights this fad in all its glory (Thanks Jimmy Fallon for jumpstarting this craze).

Maybe you could add a little extra romance to the night by writing and sharing with each other a Love Letter...Oh, how I love thee... let me count the ways.

What would you do with your Love for "L"? 

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  1. A love of books - now that is something I can completely understand. :)

    1. Books are quite lovely, Bob! I certainly wish I had more time to read... and a date that involves reading? Sign me up.