Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Monopoly, Mammoth Cave, Murder and Maine

One of my favorite letters so far is "M", because I could come up with a myriad of ideas that would certainly create lasting memories on an alphabetical dating adventure.

I live a few hours away from Mammoth Cave, which is touted as the world's longest cave system, and I would opt for a spelunking date. It's in a touristy trap location, so there is also a miniature golf course, which I'm all about...

I am a secret nerd, so I wouldn't mind heading to a place where I can spoil my Mind with a Museum... or maybe tease it with a Magic Show? I'm usually participating in Murder Mystery Theater performances, but it would be really fun to be a spectator. How about a concert or a festival of some sorts to experience live Music?

Since I was born in Connecticut, naturally I feel a pull towards the New England area of the East Coast (Admittedly though, I am not a Patriots fan...) So to nurture my wanderlust, I would love to travel to Massachusetts or Maine... I'm feeling the latter one though, because I am all about Murder, She Wrote (I would totally binge watch multiple episodes on a date with myself) which takes place in Cabot Cove, Maine.. Does that place even exist?

Monopoly would be a good excuse to host a game night at home with some pals... I really love game night (Have you played Cards against Humanity? I rang in the New Years with some friends playing games all night and it was one of the best New Years...)

See what I mean about lots of options for "M"? I would have the hardest time choosing. What would you choose? 

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