Thursday, April 16, 2015

N.... is for Neon.. and Napping...

Honestly, I'm not really feeling the letter "N." Maybe my "N" game is weak, but my creativity when it comes that letter is lacking. I'm pretty sure I hope I don't get tasked with it on my future ABC dating adventures..

So, if I had "N", I would opt for something dealing with Neon.. like maybe The Color Run? Or an 80's themed excursion of some sorts with a host of friends... karaoke...bowling, etc. Wanderlust? How about a trip to New York to see a show on Broadway - Finding Neverland perhaps? You could Nibble at a restaurant that specializes in small plate dining... maybe you want to spend an afternoon cuddling with your love and Nap?

I'm keeping this pretty PG, if you want to up the game... Naked starts with "N", so does Naughty Nurse. [insert an appropriate emoji.. maybe with blushing cheeks or that "brown chicken brown cow"

What would you pick for "N"?

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