Saturday, April 18, 2015

P should be all about getting Pampered...

Hands down, I'd like "P" to be all about getting Pampered. Pedicures sounds like the perfect plan..and yes...real men get pedicures. Another pampering idea would be a couple's massage - you can either splurge for a spa massage or perhaps you could take a massage class for a little pampering "how-to".

"P" does offer other potential opportunities. If you enjoy cooking with your significant other, perhaps you challenge yourself to making homemade pasta. Wanderlust? How about a jaunt off to the City of Love, Paris. Love animals? How about going to the local animal shelter to play with some puppies.

I wouldn't mind a little romantic picnic in the park or trying partner yoga. Some of the pictures I've seen are stunning and I volunteer as tribute. 

What does your perfect "P" date look like? 


  1. I have been trying to convince Nick to get a pedicure with me for sooooo long!!!!
    Picnics are definitely another favorite of mine! We don't do them often enough :/

  2. I once had an ex that was adamant that "Men just don't get pedicures." We made a bet on some miniature golf, which resulted in him having to get a pedicure. He loved it... like he would ask regularly, "When is our next pedicure date?" It always left me tickled, because I love them so much!

    I bet Nick would like it... bahaha... I hope that happens and you blog that experience, so I can follow along!