Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Romance...at a Roller Derby

So, I would channel my inner Katniss and go to an archery range or practice my rifle skills in case The Walking Dead becomes reality. (Disclaimer: I'm not a doomsday prepare, don't misread my sarcasm for that for that... no gas mask or nonperishable food hoarding going on here...) It would be quite fun to have a friendly competition one afternoon, and since I'm a betting woman, a good wager for a reward could be up for grabs. (Ladies, if you are a sharp shooter, here's where you mention the loser pays for pedicures, and has to get one too!) 

Mental Note: (especially if you're my faux turned real beau assigned to the letter "R") Romance is welcomed, so a Romantic getaway to nurture my wanderlust side..*cough Rome cough* would be okay... or any kind of romantic gesture really. 

"R" does provide some acceptable options. Inspired by the movie Whip It, I'd like to experience a Roller Derby match. I also wouldn't mind putting on a cute sundress with some cowboy boots and hit up a Rodeo. 

What would you opt to do for the letter "R"? 

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