Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Travels...tasty travels.

When I think of "T", I think of Tasty..  (Tastee, if you are a fan of Orange is The New Black... New Season starts June 12th..) So, for this reason I would choose to a date that is based on the premise of "Tasting your Town." Essentially, this is scouting out different locations for appetizers, main course and then dessert. You could go for a tapas style meal, or treat yourself to an indulgent meal. 

Being tasked with the letter "T" can yield several great options. You could head to the local community theater or city theater to catch a show, tour a museum/tourist attraction, or participate in a Trivia Night. 

Most importantly, the letter "T" starts one of my favorite words, and coincidentally one of my favorite things to do...Travel. Whether it be taking the train somewhere or trekking off to Thailand. Oh, to have a hefty bank account to take a year off and travel the globe.... #agirlcandream

Where would you travel to? What would your "T" date be?

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