Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Vineyards...and vineyards...oh, and vineyards.

Unfortunately,  I'm not that creative when it comes to the letter "V"because my brain becomes a one track mind... headed straight to a vineyard. Liquidated fermented fruit is one of my favorite ways to consume a serving of fruit... now for me personally, I tend to lean more to the least heart-healthy sweet white wines BUT many of you are fans of red, which means that this is a date that technically comes doctor recommended.

To take care of Wanderlust... I wouldn't mind jetting off to Vermont for a ski trip, venturing to Venice, Italy for a ride down the canals in a gondola vessel or trekking to Venezuela to see the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. 

Now you can certainly plan your dates around your palette, opting to cook/dine with menus that include items that start with the assigned letter. So in this case, what about a meal with veal or a course with venison?  (if you are opposed to eating baby cow, or meat in general than you can opt for a delectable vegetable extravaganza.) Perhaps you could even flex your vocabulary skills following dinner by playing a game that uses those vast word skills of yours... Scrabble? 

What would you plan for "V"?

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