Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm just going to put this out there...

I love breakfast...and at any hour of the day... whether it's early morning, mid-morning, late-morning or breakfast for dinner... I simply love breakfast.

It only makes sense that I have besties, like Christin, that plan festivals in Memphis like BreakFest, supporting Breakfast...you won't want to miss it this September 26th.. and I have Kiki La Rue who keeps my love for breakfast real, so real in fact, with her shared recipe for the finest homemade buttermilk pancakes...and I'd like to think that a certain hotcake would agree with this statement. 

Meet Hotcake. Btw, I'm totally the better pancake flipper....
If I absolutely had to come up with a top 5 6 breakfast menu choice, I'd go with the following:
1. Eggs Benedict...any which way, but preferably the Crab Cake version.

2. French Toast... my Grandad taught me the secret to the perfect french toast, which is a splash of vanilla extract.. His tastebuds gave me their seal of approval on this dish prior to his passing. What I wouldn't give to make that sweet man a helping. LUMUHAND, Grandad

3. Pancakes...... pumpkin are truly my favorite.

I couldn't resist a little screen shot... bahaha
So, I have to mention a little bit of a disclaimer. Hotcake and I made breakfast the other day... He was going to grab pancake mix, and of course me - in my attempt to continuing practicing my culinary domesticity - was like, let's do it from scratch.. I'd watched Kiki La Rue do it a myriad of times, so in my mind, I was like how hard could it really be, right? I was totally honest about this fact later on, but initially I might have insinuated I was this hardcore baking goddess... [insert appropriate emoji here] 

You see, the problem with baking is that you have to follow recipes to a T... and I have like recipe ADD... so I'm much better when I can be a little bit of a rebel with a recipe, which is why cooking tends to work out a little better than baking... I would like to note though that I pulled a McGuyver move when we were a cup shy of buttermilk, the key ingredient... Google came in clutch.... 1 TBSP of vinegar, almost a cup of milk, stir that shiz and let it sit for 5 minutes.. Hotcake should think favorably of that display of ingenuity. 

4. Basically anything with a potato... like a hash? sure. Fried potatoes? yeah, I'll totally take those too.  

5. Egg scrambles infused with all sorts of heavenly goodness.  Like... I dislike peppers, and this is HUGE people, but I will totally eat an egg scramble with tiny peppers sautéed with onions and garlic... nomm.

6.  I'm a HUGE fan of chicken and waffles...I just can't not include that on the list.

I hope I didn't hurt the feelings of breakfast casseroles, or bowls of Lucky Charms, or cinnamon rolls. and Scotch eggs. I totally embrace them all... I mean I seriously, elfin' love breakfast... which is odd, because you'd think that I wouldn't want to skip it every school day morning... but for some reason, my bed holds me hostage until the last possible minute... One day perhaps, I'll re-prioritize and breakfast everyday will truly be bae.

So, I'm thinking that it's pretty much official, that I want need the shirt that reads "Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me" and that tonight's dinner menu consists of breakfast.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summertime Recap...

Considering that school has been in session for almost week, it's probably about time that I stop basking in the bliss of Summer, wrapping myself in the arms of summertime sadness instead... #teacherprobs

A few people have harassed asked me when I plan on getting back to the le blog, so to practice my Southernness... "Hey Ya'll. I'm back.

Before I get back in the blogging groove, let me do a recap of the Summer of '15. 

1. Kiki la Rue and I flew across the pond to London and Paris...I'll post about this separately. Here's an abridged photo dump in the meantime. 

Big Ben and the Thames via the London Eye

Harry Potter Studios.. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be a muggle. I totally have a magic that's all my own. #confidence 

The size of the lions at Trafalgar square really did freak me out. It was so far to the ground...  Quite comical, but I really was terrified to get this particular photo op.   #conqueryourfears #TravelingPhotoOpProbs
"Bottoms Up" to the water at the Roman Baths... What you don't see is how disgusting the water tasted. 

Because when a cheerleading coach goes to Stonehenge, she's got to be involved in a stunt.

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, MontmartreParis
2. I took a 2-week Literacy class... (sounds boring to non-teachers I know....) but it knocks off a course as part of a Doctoral program...my next academic pursuit... At some point in the future, I'd like to teach some undergraduate classes in Education. 

3. To keep on the scholastic side of things, I taught a Creative Writing course to a bunch of gifted middle schoolers for a week... That was interesting... it also confirmed that high school is definitely where I want to be, for now, teaching wise. 

4. Kiki la Rue left the nest and moved into a place of her own. I'm back to flying solo at my address. I miss her cat. #catlady4lyfe

5. Two weeks of band camp... with most of those days being 9am - 9pm... some of those days, the devil was literally giving us a taste of what Hell is like...110 heat index is totally not for me. 

6. Throw in some intensive cheer practices to serve as a mini-camp for the time being, workout dates with a trainer, a visit "home" for 4th of July, time spent with friends, an audition for next month's Farce at the community theater, some home DIY, prepping to go back to school...and a myriad of randomness here and there...

So yeah...that's been my summer. 

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