Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm just going to put this out there...

I love breakfast...and at any hour of the day... whether it's early morning, mid-morning, late-morning or breakfast for dinner... I simply love breakfast.

It only makes sense that I have besties, like Christin, that plan festivals in Memphis like BreakFest, supporting Breakfast...you won't want to miss it this September 26th.. and I have Kiki La Rue who keeps my love for breakfast real, so real in fact, with her shared recipe for the finest homemade buttermilk pancakes...and I'd like to think that a certain hotcake would agree with this statement. 

Meet Hotcake. Btw, I'm totally the better pancake flipper....
If I absolutely had to come up with a top 5 6 breakfast menu choice, I'd go with the following:
1. Eggs Benedict...any which way, but preferably the Crab Cake version.

2. French Toast... my Grandad taught me the secret to the perfect french toast, which is a splash of vanilla extract.. His tastebuds gave me their seal of approval on this dish prior to his passing. What I wouldn't give to make that sweet man a helping. LUMUHAND, Grandad

3. Pancakes...... pumpkin are truly my favorite.

I couldn't resist a little screen shot... bahaha
So, I have to mention a little bit of a disclaimer. Hotcake and I made breakfast the other day... He was going to grab pancake mix, and of course me - in my attempt to continuing practicing my culinary domesticity - was like, let's do it from scratch.. I'd watched Kiki La Rue do it a myriad of times, so in my mind, I was like how hard could it really be, right? I was totally honest about this fact later on, but initially I might have insinuated I was this hardcore baking goddess... [insert appropriate emoji here] 

You see, the problem with baking is that you have to follow recipes to a T... and I have like recipe ADD... so I'm much better when I can be a little bit of a rebel with a recipe, which is why cooking tends to work out a little better than baking... I would like to note though that I pulled a McGuyver move when we were a cup shy of buttermilk, the key ingredient... Google came in clutch.... 1 TBSP of vinegar, almost a cup of milk, stir that shiz and let it sit for 5 minutes.. Hotcake should think favorably of that display of ingenuity. 

4. Basically anything with a potato... like a hash? sure. Fried potatoes? yeah, I'll totally take those too.  

5. Egg scrambles infused with all sorts of heavenly goodness.  Like... I dislike peppers, and this is HUGE people, but I will totally eat an egg scramble with tiny peppers sautéed with onions and garlic... nomm.

6.  I'm a HUGE fan of chicken and waffles...I just can't not include that on the list.

I hope I didn't hurt the feelings of breakfast casseroles, or bowls of Lucky Charms, or cinnamon rolls. and Scotch eggs. I totally embrace them all... I mean I seriously, elfin' love breakfast... which is odd, because you'd think that I wouldn't want to skip it every school day morning... but for some reason, my bed holds me hostage until the last possible minute... One day perhaps, I'll re-prioritize and breakfast everyday will truly be bae.

So, I'm thinking that it's pretty much official, that I want need the shirt that reads "Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me" and that tonight's dinner menu consists of breakfast.

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